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14 Bridgerton Hen Party Ideas

Season 2 of Bridgerton is nearly here! Let’s look at some ideas to have a perfectly delightful Bridgerton-themed hen party that will make your bride feel like a duchess.

Click the picture above to get downloadable Bridgerton-themed bachelorette party games

Bridgerton inspired Games/Activities

Clay Pidgeon shooting

Bridgerton gif of Simon Shooting - 14 Bridgerton hen party ideas - activities- clay pigeon shooting

Nothing makes you feel “Posh” quite like heading into the countryside in your boots and going shooting. There are lots of places worldwide that offer up this activity so have a look in your local area and I’m sure you’ll find it.

"Lawn Games"

Victorian drawing of a group of women playing Croquet - 14 Bridgerton hen party ideas - party games - croquet

A lawn game was a quintessential part of life for those of the English Gentry. Luckily for you, games like Quoits and Croquet are still a readily available and easy addition to a hen party with decent garden space.


Brigerton gif of Daphne galloping on a horse - 14 Bridgerton hen party ideas - activities- horse riding 2

Another favourite of the aristocracy, nothing quite feels like galloping through the countryside with the wind in your hair. Bonus points if you wear something billowy, like a good cape.

Afternoon Tea

Still of Lady Berbrooke eating afternoon tea - Bridgerton. 
14 Bridgerton hen party ideas - activities- afternoon tea

Going out to a tearoom or hotel for an afternoon tea is an excellent way to feel like high society, or even just indulging in a picnic with a selection of sweet treats and tea in a field somewhere is an excellent nod to the promenade picnics of Bridgerton.

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Pin the Junk on the Duke

Sexy gif of open shirt Simon Duke of Hasting Bridgerton, doing his cuffs and looking into camera. 14 Bridgerton hen party ideas - party games - Pin the junk on the Duke

We’ve kept it extremely classy thus far, but it is a hen party let’s not forget. I think we can all agree that Regé-Jean Page (aka Simon) is delicious, to say the least. So why not utilise a poster of him for a traditional game of “Pin the Junk on the Hunk” (though you may have to settle for fully clothed as I couldn't find a high resolution topless poster anywhere... and I looked). Get your hands on some stickers like these or print some on card and use double-sided tape. If you’ve never played the rules are simple. Blindfold each guest, spin them around and get them to pin the “junk” closest to where they think it should go. Closest wins!

Bridgerton Hen Party Decor

Hanging Flowers

Front of Bridgeton House - 14 Bridgerton hen party ideas - party decor  - Lavender Wisteria

I think hanging garlands of lavender wisteria flowers will forever be associated with Bridgerton in my mind. Get some artificial bunches and a net and follow this Tik Tok Tutorial for a quick and easy way to cover your venue in it. Or, get a ready-made garland to save yourself some time.

Teacups and Tea sets

Tower of Teacups and saucers with cookies on them and roses on top - 14 Bridgerton hen party ideas - party decor  - Teacups

Is there anything more British than a good cup of tea? I should think not. Use vintage teacups collected from thrift shops or purchase sets like this one. If you don’t use them for drinking, you can stack them on books, put candles in them or gift them as favours. Pair them with these napkins and these paper plates or even use them as towers/cake stands for your afternoon tea! Check out this blog for lots of cute ways to incorporate teacups into your hen party.


cutlery wrapped in paper doily with a personalised name sticker keeping it neat - 14 Bridgerton hen party ideas - party decor  - Lace Doilies

Lace doilies might seem like something your great-grandma would have lying around, but they were all the rage in society households back in the day. Paper Doilies are an affordable but effective way to decorate your hen party venue for a true “Bridgerton” vibe.

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Bridgerton Hen Party Food & Drink

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea stand with tier descriptions - 14 Bridgerton hen party ideas - party food  - Afternoon Tea

It is absolutely not a Bridgerton themed soiree without afternoon tea. Consult a proper British guide like this one or this slightly more American (but still very informative) explainer. To build a perfect afternoon tea fit for royalty. Grab a blanket and head outside or set up a dining table with some fine china to feel like high society. 

Themed treats

A selection of Bridgerton themed pastel cookies -  14 Bridgerton hen party ideas - party food  - Themed cookies

With enough notice, you can reach out to local bakeries and commission some custom sweet treats in a Bridgerton theme such as these cookies or these cupcakes.

Other sweet, floral treats.

Selection of different sized pastel pink and white donuts with flowers on them - 14 Bridgerton hen party ideas - party food  - Floral sweet treats

Any sweet treat in a pastel colour or involving edible flowers or bright British fruits will be a perfect accompaniment to a Bridgerton themed hen party. These floral doughnuts or cookies are a beautiful touch, as are these elegant lavender macarons. I also love this trend where initials are decorated in fresh fruits and buttercream and flowers like this, or even more minimal trends like this. You can get the bride’s initials or even her full name if you have enough guests to feed.

Extra Details for a Bridgerton Themed Hen Party

Tea Gloves

Woman's hands in grey tea gloves. 14 Bridgerton hen party ideas - party favours  - Tea Gloves

Giving each of your guests dainty lace tea gloves to wear while they sip their drinks will really add that Bridgerton feel and have all of you believing you really are ladies


Bridgerton still of Daphne holding a white feather fan. 14 Bridgerton hen party ideas - party favours  - Feather Fans

Fans are also a quick and easy way to feel fancy, and if you are staying in a warmer climate then they are a legitimately useful gift for your guests. You can get affordable paper multipacks, slightly more expensive individual lace fans or if you’d like to feel really fancy get yourself feather options instead.

Bridgerton colouring book pages

If you have any downtime over your weekend, you might consider leaving some of these colouring book pages, or these ones, lying around for people to colour as they wish. To lean into the period drama feeling of it all, you could use watercolour brush pens instead of colouring pencils.

However, you decide to indulge in a Bridgerton themed hen party, I’m sure it will be fit for a duchess.

Happy henning!

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