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Here you can find all the products I have designed for you, plus some affiliate links to all my favourite recommended products.

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How to Hen Products

(all of which are FREE with the How to Hen Toolkit

Mrs and Mrs Printable

This printable Mr and Mrs game contains over 60 questions designed to test the special couple’s knowledge of each other.

Be warned, it does include a section of spicy questions they might not want their parents to hear.

£ 18.33

100 Never Have I Ever Prompts

A downloadable, printable list of 100 prompts for the infamous party game that will have everyone sharing their deepest darkest secrets before the bachelorette is over.

The statements range from innocent, very common things to stuff you definitely might not want to admit to if your mother-in-law is present.

£ 3.64

Hen Party Icebreaker Games Multipack

Multipack of 7 printable games perfect for a bachelorette party, hen weekend or bridal shower.

Includes: - He Said / She Said - Would she rather... - What's in your bag? - What's on your phone? - Wedding A - Z. - How well do you know the bride?  - How WELL do you know the bride? (dirty version)

£ 18.29

Sex Scoresheet Game

The aim of the game is simple. Print out this sheet for each person at the hen weekend and ask them to fill it in. Then, ask the bride to go around the room and guess what she thinks each person’s final score is.

If she gets it right (within 5) that person drinks (or does a forfeit) if she gets it wrong, she does.

£ 14.65

Banned Words

A very simple game that you can play throughout the night to encourage forfeits (or shots). Print one and keep it handy or print several and scatter them throughout your venue

£ 3.64

Bachelorette Relay Race Games

A list of 19 bachelorette party activity ideas that you can combine to create an afternoon of fun, otherwise known as a “Relay Race”.

Split your group into teams and then put them through their paces with these various challenges to see who can come out on top.

£ 10.98

Window Shopping Scavenger Hunt

The guidelines and scoresheet for a scavenger hunt in any major mall. You can choose to have individuals to it against the clock or have teams race against each other for a great group bonding activity.

£ 3.64

Dirty Pictionary Cards

24 x printable prompts for playing a very NSFW game of Pictionary.

If you've never played Pictionary before, all you need is a pen and paper, along with hopefully the tiniest amount of drawing ability to help your team guess which of these filthy prompts you just attempted to doodle.

£ 14.65

Affiliate Products

Girls' Night Drinking Game 
Hen Party Games - These Cards will get your drunk

"These Cards Will Get You Drunk" Game

Hen Party Games - Never Have I Ever

Slippery Slope Card Game

Hen Party Games - Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity 

'Bach that ass up' banner

Bridesmaid Proposal Box

Rose Gold Bride Balloon Decor Pack (25pcs)

Personalised Water Bottles

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