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Are you an Event  Planner?

No. I believe in giving bridesmaids the tools and confidence they need to create something awesome for their bride.

However, I am building up a great database of Event Planners all over the world. If this is you, hit the button and fill out the form to be a partner!

What’s in the Toolkit?

The Toolkit is a downloadable folder containing documents and spreadsheets designed to guide you through the hen planning process and save you time, money and stress.  I am always tweaking and adding to the kit but some of the documents include:

  • An accommodation comparison sheet
  • An activity comparison sheet
  • Full weekend itinerary planner
  • Master spreadsheet tracking all costs and guest payments

What’s in the Unlocked Site?

When you get the Toolkit, you also get access to the unlocked version of the site. This means the pages you see under “Inspire me” will suddenly be full of 3x as much info as they are right now. Over 1000 ideas for going out, hiring entertainment or staying in will be available to browse (easily by theme and type of bride) and save to your favourites.

Each section is full of free downloads, templates games and more.

Do I have to be in / going to Dubai?

No! The Toolkit, as well as all my other services, are available and applicable ANYWHERE.  There are some Dubai based suggestions in the “Inspire me” sections because that’s where I am currently based, but the bulk of all the other ideas will be things you can find wherever you are.

The plan is for How to Hen to have suggestions for every major city across the world! If you have any suggestions near you I’d love to hear them!

What’s included in the 1 hour Consult?

The 1-hour consult is a zoom call where we will focus on your biggest Bachelorette party pain points and flesh out some of your starting ideas. You will get an email before the call with some questions to get you thinking and make sure we make the most of our time. After the call, I will send you a to do list with 10 action points you need to take based off of our discussion.

Will you find local suppliers for me?

Yes! When you book a 2 hour toolkit work-through, we will fill out as much of the toolkit as possible to get the outline of your whole hen weekend planned out. After the call, I will go away and do all the legwork to find great suppliers for the activities, decor and food we talked about. I’ll then send you this list via email so all you have to do is reach out to them.

Will you book things for me?

No. I am all about empowering bridesmaids to put together an awesome bachelorette weekend themselves. I am here to hold your hand through every step, but I won’t do it for you. With the toolkit, you can declutter your thoughts and get things done quickly, leaving you time to make those all-important bookings. Not to mention a ready-made template for keeping track of them

Can I talk to you for free?

Yes! I offer 30 min discovery calls with absolutely no commitment. This lets you get to know me a little better and see if you resonate with what I am all about.

I want the programme but not in the themes available. Can you make a custom theme?

Yes. Just reach out and tell me more about what you are looking for, and I will create a custom quote for the theme or style you want your programme to be in.

Still  Unsure?

Reach out and speak to me. I’d be happy to answer any questions at all. I love hearing from people, and I could talk the back legs off a donkey if you gave me a chance. 

Hen Party Helper Sherrie is leaning on a tree branch and smiling.