The Toolkit

Documents that talk you through every step of the journey and track all the important stuff:
  • 14 step guide to planning a Hen - my ebook that lays out the entire process for total beginners
  • Thinking out loud - designed to get your brain working for you instead of against you
  • Accomodation Comparison - the easy reference to quickly decide your best accomodation option
  • Activities Comparison - The quick way to list out every activity you are considering and figure out which one works best
  • Itinerary template - Start to fill this out as plans form so you can see what your weekend will look like
  • Lists Lists Lists! - A bumper pack of lists that will keep you mega organised and make sure you think of everything
  • Master Spreadsheet - The Mac Daddy. This spreadsheet lets you track your entire budget and tells you who owes what and when.
PLUS Bonus access to the full, members only version of this site. Over 1000 ideas, games and resources just waiting for you.

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