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The Toolkit

Stop wasting time and energy and get down to planning a hen weekend she will love


First time as a bridesmaid?

Super busy and feeling a bit overwhelmed? 

I've got you covered. My Toolkit is the ultimate starter pack to plan every last detail of a hen she won't soon forget.

What is it?

9 documents that talk you through every part of the planning stage.

Templates, checklists and spreadsheets to help you save a ton of time and feel confident in your decisions 

PLUS  - access to over 1000+ ideas on the unlocked version of How to Hen

£ 200.00

Why you might need it

It must be hard trying to make time just for yourself these days, never mind having to coordinate an event with a bunch of people you hardly know. But you are a GOOD FRIEND, and you want to do a good job.

My toolkit can help you make the most of your time and remove any doubt you have about pulling this off. It does this by giving you the following

Questionnaires for you and the bride

which means that you can start your planning with clarity and assurance that you are making the right choices.

Spreadsheets to compare activities, accommodation and more

which means you can easily keep track of your options and make quick, confident decisions.

Every type of list you could want

which means you have a laser-sharp picture of everything you need, and nothing gets forgotten.

Cost and payment schedule trackers

which means you don’t have to spend time and energy you don’t have doing maths and arguing with guests about who owes what and when.

How it Works

Receive your sign up email and download the kit

Start using the first steps of the Toolkit to outline your ideas

Unlock the full members-only site. Get inspired and access tons of resources

Continue to use the toolkit and the site together until you've planned a kick-ass weekend!

£ 200.00

At this point you might have some questions:

What if I can't afford it?

The important thing to remember as a bridesmaid is that you should never dip too far into your own pockets for the bachelorette (which let’s face it, we all do), when you can spread the costs. The Toolkit should be factored into your overall hen party budget and the price split between the guests. If you have 10 guests or more, that’s less than £4 per person! Trust me when I say they won’t even notice.

Also, what's it worth to you to give a friend the memories of a lifetime?

6 People $9.16 £6.66 33.50 aed
8 People $6.88 £4.99 25.15 aed
10 People $5.50 £3.99 20.10 aed
12 People $4.58 £3.33 16.75 aed
14 People $3.92 £3.92 14.35 aed
16 People $3.43 £2.50 12.56 aed
20 People $2.75 £1.99 10.05 aed
25 People $2.20 £1.60 8.04 aed

Can't I just hire a planner?

Sure, but there are some things to consider when doing this. Firstly, event planners can be expensive, and you will need to take some time to research them to make sure you choose someone who really understands what you are trying to do. Secondly, you miss out on that INCREDIBLE feeling when you see your best friend tear up at all the effort and personal touches in a weekend built by YOU.

How much time will this actually save me?

While everyone works differently, I can tell you that my case study Michelle spent one hour trying to plan a hen on her own and didn’t get very far at all. When she spent the following hour using the Toolkit and the unlocked version of the site, she had basically put together a rough draft of the entire weekend! I feel confident when I say that using the toolkit will help you get it done in HALF the time.
“[It] was nothing short of miraculous. By the end of the hour I had basically planned the whole weekend and more importantly, I had focused on the bride

I honestly can’t highly recommend it enough!”

Can't I just use Google and Pinterest and do it myself?

Again, sure. You can swim out into the depths of the internet alone but let me ask you something. The last time you took out your phone to check the time…how long did you spend on it and where in the virtual world were you before you realised you still didn’t even know the time? The internet is a minefield of distractions and competing information. So, you can do it yourself, but it’s going to me a much slower, more frustrating, and tiring process.

Can't I just make my own spreadsheets?

Okay, so you’re hella organised AND good at minimising distractions? Yass! (Seriously, I envy you). However, even if you are the queen of Excel, is sitting for hours making multiple spreadsheets, lists, date and budget calculators REALLY the best use of your precious time? To answer that I will share a favourite quote of mine.

“Money can be earned back, time cannot”

So if spending £40 (split between guests remember) frees you up to spend a Friday night doing something that brings you joy (whether that’s seeing friends or curling up with a bottle of rose and binge-watching vampire diaries) then I’d say that’s worth it, wouldn’t you?

What if I can’t come up with good ideas?

Firstly, you are a fantastic friend, and you need to stop doubting yourself. Secondly, the Toolkit is specifically designed to make sure this doesn’t happen. The questionnaires get you thinking about what YOUR bride would love, then the unlocked version of the site acts as a comprehensive database to inspire great ideas on everything from games to food to music, for all sorts of bride.

So, what do you say? Invest in the Toolkit today and fast track your planning

£ 200.00

What to expect

When you download the Toolkit, you will get a zip file with all documents you need, clearly labelled by folder to make it easy to understand. It will contain a welcome sheet with instructions on how to log in and unlock the full version of the site (so excited for you to see that). You’ll get some emails too, reminding you that I am still right here with you on this journey, and you can get help from me anytime.

I’m not the boss of you, but if you got this far. I URGE you to get the Toolkit today. Like, right now. We both know you are on a limited schedule and if you wait too long to think about it, you’ll not only be wasting time and mental energy, you’re also likely to get totally distracted and lose another week or more getting no further forward, when this time next week you could nearly have the whole damn party planned.

£ 200.00

Still don’t believe me, why not read Michelle’s Case Study or my other testimonials to see that I mean every word when it comes to my passion for this. I just want you to succeed and I have full faith that you can create the experience of a lifetime for your pal.

You both deserve it.