What is How to Hen?


How to Hen is the only membership community in the world (as far as we know) for planning your perfect bachelorette party, no matter where you are, or your budget.

What does this mean? Well, let me tell you.

You have been tasked with organising a Hen Party. You want to plan something awesome and uniquely personal, but you aren't sure where to start. Pinterest is overwhelming and the wedding blogs aren't particularly clear. There is so much information out there that you feel lost at sea and you just don't have the time you need to dedicate to come up with something special.

Dis you 

This is where How to Hen comes in 

When you become a member of this kick-ass community, you get unlimited access to this site.  This means you can browse over 1000 ideas easily displayed by type of bride and theme.lop

12 types of bride

(not counting our newly added social distancing bride)

9 themes

These will be updated as regularly as I can and more themes will be added as I continue to search the great void for inspiration so that you don't have to.

Under each of these categories you can browse ideas for:

- Out and about (stuff to do)
- Bringing the fun to you (renting/ hiring)
- Staying in activities and games
- Food
- Drink
- Decoration
- Favours
- Photobooth Props
- Playlists 

Your Planning Pack

As if all this wasn't enough. As soon as you become a member, you receive my ULTIMATE HEN PARTY PLANNING PACK. Believe me when I tell you


This changes the game.


In the pack, you receive 7 life - saving documents that will take your planning from stressed-out overwhelm, to sipping a cocktail wondering what all the fuss was about.

These documents are:

- Intro and Guide
- Thinking out loud: brainstorming guide
- Activity Comparison Sheet
- Weekend Itinerary Planner
- Lists (literally every list you need)
- Master Spreadsheet (the holy grail) - 14 step Hen planning guide 


Sound Good?

So what are you waiting for!? Plan a Hen Party with minimum stress and maximum impact. 

Still got questions? Check out our FAQ's or Ask me anything!

Or watch this handy explainer video:

Who am I?

My name is Sherrie Higgins, and I am the Fairy Hen Mother behind this lovely little site.

It’s fair to say I’ve had a colourful career so far. Psychology? Nah. Teaching? Closer, but still not me. Self-employed Photographer and Entrepreneur? Yass. The one thing I have always loved, is working with people and making them happy. I am blessed to have a great support system who pushed me to make the leap into working for myself and embracing my creative nature, and I haven’t looked back.

Fairy Hen Mother Sherrie in wedding dress

The birth of 'How to Hen'

Here I am, on this average grey Glasgow day, heading to visit my best friend as I usually do at LEAST once a week, totally unaware that she’s about to ask me a question that would send me down a path that would change my life.

"Will you be my Bridesmaid?"

After the inevitable ‘squeeing’ died down, I of course accepted and immediately entered into party planning mode. It’s well over a year until the big day so we had time, but I was already in the zone. Then one day out of the Pinterest void it comes to me… FESTIVAL…(The bride’s dream is to go to Coachella)

Now I should mention that the other bridesmaid was just as excited as me and as fate would have it, she had only gone and had EXACTLY the same idea. Of course you can imagine the level of excitement when we both realised we had come up with the same thing.

The next 7 months saw planning and crafting on a level that I have never experienced before. Weekly meetings, regular to do list reviews, and more ribbon, glitter and tissue paper than a department store on Christmas Eve. Between Gemma’s crafting skills and my detail-oriented concepts and designs, we pulled off an amazing, personal and hilariously fun Hen Weekend to remember.

After it all ended, I found myself wondering “What do I do now?” While I love photography, the hen party bug was well and truly in my system and I had so many ideas rattling around in my head that I thought I might burst.

DIY Bar at Festival Bachelorette Party Decor Ideas
Sherrie at Hen party

Where I am now

That brings us to here!
I took all my ideas and started to write them down. Before I knew it, I had created a huge resource full of inspiration! I spent nearly 2 years searching all those sources you don't have time to look at, and gathered all the best ideas in one, easy to use space. I have a wonderful website developer, but I wrote every word, desigined every graphic and envisioned every other aspect of this site you see.

Launching smack bang in the middle of the COVID 19 pandemic wasn't exactly in the plan, but hey you gotta roll with the punches right? 

This website is my baby and I am SO excited to share it with the world. I wasn't going to wait on the sidelines. 

I have massive plans for How to Hen, as I learn new skills and make new connections, I plan to expand my "local" section to major cities all over the world, develop a huge bridal community and a trusted review system that signals quality experiences. In order to do all these amazing things I need your support! 


Why you get good karma

‘How to Hen’ is not a big, faceless corporation. It’s not a chain company that gives generic advice and has a huge staff base. When you support this site, you are supporting me. You are helping another woman be her own boss and maintain her independence (and feed her cats).

Whenever I say ‘we’ elsewhere on the site, I am referring to myself and my wonderful husband who has helped and encouraged me on this journey, and is often my reluctant but available assistant.

So thank you for taking the time to find out about me and this little business of mine. If you have any questions at all you can check out the FAQs page or please just get in touch.

Happy Henning!

How to Hen Founder Sherrie Higgins - Hen party ideas
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