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Fairy Hen Mother Sherrie sitting on a bed and smiling with wings drawn on her back. Ready to give you hen party inspiration

Hi, I'm Sherrie

Otherwise known as the "Fairy Hen Mother," rescuing Brides from boring bachelorettes and saving Bridesmaids from the overwhelm of planning.

As a professional Hen Party Researcher, my passion is helping bridesmaids and Maids of honour save time, money and a whole lot of stress while planning a bangin' bachelorette party for their bestie. I want to empower you to feel confident in your ability to pull off something that makes your bride say WOW.

So, I created How to Hen, the world's only hen planning Toolkit that guides you through each part of your DIY hen planning journey. The toolkit works for any budget, anywhere, and most importantly, any kind of bride. Because if there's one type of bachelorette I can't stand. It's GENERIC.

And if time is what you are short of, then my research consultations do all the hard work for you. 



Because EVERYONE deserves to feel special on their hen weekend


Pay attention to the little things to make a big impact



She's one of a kind, so her bachelorette should be too


Here to help no matter where you are

My Story

Here I am, on this average grey Glasgow day, heading to visit my best friend as I usually do at LEAST once a week, totally unaware she's about to ask me a question that would send me down a path that would change my life.

" Will you be my Bridesmaid?"

After the inevitable 'squeeing' died down, I of course accepted and immediately entered into party planning mode. It was well over a year until the big day so we had time, but I was already in the zone. Then one day out of the Pinterest void it comes to me... FESTIVAL...(The bride's dream is to go to Coachella)

Now I should mention that the other bridesmaid was just as excited as me and as fate would have it, she had only gone and had EXACTLY the same idea. Of course you can imagine the level of excitement when we both realised we had come up with the same thing.

The next 7 months saw planning and crafting on a level that I have never experienced before. Weekly meetings, regular to do list reviews, and more ribbon, glitter and tissue paper than a department store on Christmas Eve. Between Gemma's crafting skills and my detail-oriented concepts and designs, we pulled off an amazing, personal and hilariously fun Hen Weekend to remember.

Images of Hen Mother at the Hen Weekend that started it all. On the Left Sherrie is wearing a flower crown and smiling holding a cocktail. On the right the bride is holding her hands to her face with confetti raining down as she enters her hen weekend accomodation

After it all ended, I found myself wondering "What do I do now?" While I love my photography job, the bachelorette party bug was well and truly in my system and I had so many ideas rattling around in my head that I thought I might burst.

I took all my ideas and started to write them down. Before I knew it, I had created a huge resource full of inspiration! However,I knew that even with a database that was easy to browse, people would still need a helping hand putting it all together.

That's why I created The Toolkit.

The Toolkit is a step by step process that supports you through the planning and basically, helps you keep track of your life.

A collection of awesome spreadsheets and documents, combined with a fully unlocked version of this site, so you never have to feel like you are drowning in the pinterest void again. 

It saves you time, money, and stress.

Letting you focus on all the important details that will probably make your bride ugly cry with joy*

(*don't pretend that's not the end goal).

Side by side image of a laptop showing Bachelorette ideas by Types of Bride (left) and a close up on of of the hen party planning documents (right)

Tired of spending hours you don't have on research?

Why don't you let me take that off your hands?

Check out my consultation service to see how I can help take some of the legwork off your hands (and the pressure off your shoulders)

Questions? Feedback?

Come talk to me!
Why not jump on a 30 minute call? I would absolutely love to talk to you about your upcoming bachelorette. Heck, even if you're not planning one and just wanna shoot the sh*t for a while on all things creative, hit me up!

Helping others is my "zone of genius" and making every single bride feel special on her hen weekend is my mission. So, if there is anything at all that's on your mind or stressing you out about this journey, no matter how big or small, please reach out and I'll do everything in my power to help you.

Hen Party Expert Sherrie smiling with doodles and swirls around her head


I really mean it. If you've read my story you will know how passionate I am about this. I've spent over 2 years in the trenches digging through wedding blogs, wading through Pinterest and listening to wedding podcasts until I swear I've gone deaf. I do it so you don't have to, so I can present the very best and most fun ideas on How to Hen in a way that just makes sense. I have a wonderful website builder, but I wrote every word, designed every graphic, and envisioned every other aspect of this site, so I hope you like it.

Your Fairy Hen Mother,


Signature of Sherrie - Fairy Hen mother