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14 Ideas for a Loki themed Hen Weekend

You might not be marrying Tom Hiddleston, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate his most iconic role during your Bachelorette / Hen weekend. Here are my top tips for bringing the Loki Theme to life.

Loki wearing a veil - Ideas for a Loki themed Hen Weekend Hen Party Ideas
Doesn’t he make a beautiful bride


First things first, let’s look at some hen party games and activities you could play that link into the show.

Wedding Variants

A floral and botanical wedding mood board - Ideas for a Loki Themed Hen weekend - Wedding Mood Boards

A dark and moody wedding mood board - Ideas for a Loki Themed Hen weekend - wedding mood board

Essentially we are renaming the “Wedding Moodboards” hen party game. Split the group into teams (or you can do it individually) and come up with a “variant” version of your bride’s dream wedding. You can collect bridal magazines to use from wedding shows beforehand (if they are up and running again where you are). When the time is up, each group then presents the mood board of their variant wedding and explain why the bride to be would enjoy it so much. Top tip: Let the bride spend an equal amount of time on each team so she is involved but no one has an advantage.

Game of Risk

Risk - the MCU edition - Ideas for a Loki Themed Hen weekend

(Spoiler alert) While we see Loki go through a bit of a self–realisation journey on the show, we know that conquering and ruling have been pretty major character traits up until this point. So, bring out your inner conqueror by playing  Risk, or better yet you could play the marvel version (although Loki himself doesn’t seem to appear in the game. Rude).

Villainous board game

Marvel Villainous Board Game - Ideas for a Loki Themed Hen weekend

Speaking of Marvel board games, Villainous– mischief and malice makes Loki the star. It can also be played as an extension to the bigger Villainous – infinite power.

Pin the Junk on the Hiddle-Hunk

Tom Hiddleston in his underwear - Pin the Junk on the Hiddle-Hunk. - Ideas for a Loki Themed Hen weekend

Pin the Junk on the Hunk is a classic hen party game, so why not make that hunk a topless Tom Hiddleston? Get the image of your choice (higher quality will be better) printed on a poster at a local printer, and then you can either buy the classic “Junk on the Hunk” game and use the stickers and mask from that, or simply make your own using clip art from the internet. No, I will not be linking to those, thank you.  

Loki drink-a-thon

Gif of Loki smashing a Glass and shouting "Another" - Ideas for a Loki Themed Hen weekend - Loki Drinking Game Rules

Nothing says Hen Party like drinking! Watching the series along with my Loki Drinking Game Rules is a great way to either kick off the party or wind down at the end of the night depending on how you want to structure your weekend. Click the button below, pop in your email and get the free download!


Okay, now we can look at key bits of décor to bring the theme to life.

Clocks everywhere

A wall filled with different styles of clocks - Ideas for a Loki Themed Hen weekend Decor

If we are going by the series, then time is obviously a major theme. So, ask everyone to bring at least one clock with them to the hen weekend and adorn the walls and surfaces with a total mish-mash collection of clocks. If you want to go the extra mile, set them all to different times and label them with made-up timelines. Keep only one with the correct time and label it whatever you name this current timeline.

Gold, black and green everything

A green wall with gold and green balloon arch - Ideas for a Loki Themed Hen weekend Decor

Doing everything in Loki’s signature colour palette is an easy way to get into the theme. Design a hen party tablescape with a black tablecloth, gold table wear and green napkins. Use gold, green and black balloons everywhere to really make it a party.

Turn doorframes into TemPad Time Doors 

Copper fringe - Ideas for a Loki Themed Hen weekend Decor

A basic, but fun touch, is to use copper tape on all the doorframes to make them look a little more like Time Doors. You can go a little extra by adding copper fringe too so it really feels like you’re walking through more than just an empty space.

Want someone to do the hen party research you don’t have time for?


Hen party food and drink can sometimes be a bit of a last-minute thought, which is a shame because when used properly it’s a lovely nod to the theme.

Themed cake / cake pops etc

Black cake with gold and green geode cut outs - Ideas for a Loki Themed Hen Party Food

A standard Hen Party practise, the obvious and somewhat simple way to incorporate your theme is to have a local bakery produce a beautiful but. subtle green and gold cake like this one or this one. Or go a little more obvious with something like this. Cake pops are pretty popular these days too and somewhat easier to eat.

Green sweet table

A table of green sweets and candy - Ideas for a Loki Themed Hen Party Food

Everyone loves a sweet/ candy table and it’s a great way to add an instant pop of colour to the room. Fill it with jars of jelly beans, mini frogs, apple pencils, fizzy belts, millions, sour refreshers and any other green sweets/candy you can think of. Boom, a candy table Loki would be proud of.

Green food in general  

A bowl of green mac and cheese - Ideas for a Loki Themed Hen party food

In addition to sweet treats, you can serve green main courses and sides like green mac and cheese, parmesan green beans, Thai green curry and of course, guacamole. If you’re fancy and you can get your hands on the ingredients. This green and gold toast just screams “God of mischief”.


Favours and other things that just add that little attention to detail

Green and gold invites / stationary

Green velvet envelopes with gold seal - Ideas for a Loki Themed Hen weekend

Green and gold invites like these will outline the theme right from the beginning and adds a super luxurious feel to the event.

Loki badges as favours

Vote Loki Badge - Ideas for a Loki Themed Hen weekend

Pin padges are an affordable goody bag favour that immediately connects your guests to their theme. Go for the classic Loki Logo or, my favourite, the “Vote Loki” badge.

Green and Gold “Almost Mrs” Guestbook

Green velvet book with gold writing "Almost Mrs" - Ideas for a Loki Themed Hen weekend

A guestbook is a great addition to a hen weekend because all the guests can write personalised messages and add photos with the bride etc. It’s a beautiful keepsake she can take home, especially when it’s this gorgeous green velvet number with gold writing.

I’m currently working on giving Loki his own full theme on How to Hen. So, watch this space!

In the meantime, I hope you use these tips to have a wonderfully mischievous Hen Weekend!

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