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19 Amazon products for your Barbie – themed Hen Party

If you have missed the Barbie-Mania sweeping the country recently…where have you been?! I finally got around to seeing the new Barbie movie from Great Gerwig, and I absolutely loved it. So of course, I immediately started thinking about how you could throw an amazing Barbie-themed Hen Party!

While I am writing the blog with all the full details, I thought I would share some Amazon products that could get you well on your way to throwing a fun-filled Barbie Bachelorette!

1. Design a Barbie

In the full blog, I will expand on how to turn this into an actual hen party activity, but you can just as easily let your guests design their own Barbies at leisure by buying either this official Barbie design kit or this fashion sketch book and leave it lying around for people to play with in their downtime.

2. Pink sweatbands

While I don’t recall Barbie wearing them in the movie, if your Barbie-themed hen weekend involves any physical activity whatsoever, you would be mad not to include this 6 pack of matching pink wrist and head sweatbands. I think Barbie herself would very much approve.

3. Satin headbands in various colours

Speaking of headbands, this 12 pack of satin headbands in a variety of colours is a great deal and they would make ideal favours that you could gift to each of your guests, you could even go so far as to designate one a different “type” of Barbie and they could pack outfits to match their colour scheme!

4. Pink Tassel backdrop

Of course it’s not a Barbie Bachelorette without a little sparkle. Put this Pink Sparkly Tinsel Curtain up anywhere in your venue and you will be transported to Barbie land in no time… Well at least in your selfies anyway. 

5. Personalised Name Signs

These Personalised Name Signs in the Barbie Font would be a fabulous addition above each of your guests beds or on the doors of their rooms. A quick an easy way to have your hen party venue giving Barbie dreamhouse vibes

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6. Pink heart cocktail sticks in all your food

Stick these pink heart cocktail sticks in literally any item of food to give it that “Barbie” touch.

7. Roller Disco Balloons

While there wasn’t an actual Roller Disco in the Barbie movie, there was a disco, and there were rollerblades… so I feel like using this Roller-Disco Themed Balloon Pack to decorate would really not be that big of a stretch.

8. Girls Night Balloon Pack

Those who has seen the movie will know “Every Night is Girls Night”. And although we learned a lesson that that actually could be problematic and excluding… I think you’re allowed to declare Girls Night* for your hen party, so it makes sense to decorate with this Girls Night Balloon Pack (*unless of course, your guestlist includes some Kens too, which is okay in my book).

9. Pink Scrunchies

Again, Barbie herself didn’t really wear a pink scrunchie during the movie, but scrunchies are a fabulous hen party gift and will always come in handy during the weekend. For a Barbie Bachelorette, you’ll want some like this 12 pack of Hot Pink Scrunchies.

10. Baby Pink Beret

Barbie looks cute as a God Damn Button in her Pink Beret so I would not blame you for wanting to get your hands on this Baby Pink Wool Beret Hat to replicate the look. Bonus points if you wear them to do a hen party activity like life drawing.

11. Cowboy Hat

Warning, the next few suggestions are all hats… Barbie wears a lot of hats in the movie okay? This  2pack of White Cowboy Hats are a hen party staple and a direct reference to the movie. Win win! To do the pink ribbon, you can be super detail oriented and combine this Pink Ribbon with this Silver Star Trim… or you can just get this Pink Starred Ribbon and call it close enough.

12. Barbie Checked Beach hat

If you plan on lounging glamorously around a pool as part of your Barbie bachelorette, then you will need this iconic Barbie Pink Checked beach hat. It comes with the matching necklace and earrings from the movie but personally, I think they are a little much. It’s a little pricey to get one for every guest (depending on your guestlist) so you could just opt to get it for your Bride instead.

13. Rainbow Skip Visor

If you don’t fancy the cowboy or the beach hat, something a little different is the Rainbow Skip Cap that Barbie and Ken wear on Venice Beach. These are ideal if your Barbie-themed hen party is in a warmer climate and you want to protect that doll-like skin of yours.

14. Neon Hoop Earrings

Speaking of that Venice Beach scene, this 4 pack of Acrylic Neon Hoop Earrings will help you channel your inner rollerblading Barbie without going full 80’s spandex. These are affordable and make great hen party favours, you could even match them with the headbands I mentioned earlier so each guest has a different colour.  

15. Come on Barbie Let’s Go Party Hoodie.

A Hoodie will always be a timeless hen party gift and will always be appreciated. This Come on Barbie Let’s Go Party Hoodie is perfectly on-theme for a Barbie Hen Party. Somewhat ironically, it will most likely be thrown on at the end of the night, after you and Barbie have done your partying. If it’s out of your budget to get one for every guest, then you can just make it your gift to the Bride and only buy one.

16. Barbie Uno

Uno is one of the best card-based party games and I will fight you if you disagree. So, this Barbie Uno makes perfect sense for a Barbie Hen Party. Enough said really.

17. Vintage Barbie White Cat-eye sunglasses

While they aren’t identical, these White Cat-eye Sunglasses were the closest on Amazon I could find to the glasses worn by Vintage swimsuit Barbie in the film, so if your Barbie Hen party wants to be true to the source material, these are the sunnies for you.

18. Pink Heart Sunglasses

If you are less bothered about matching the movie exactly, these Pink Heart-Shaped Sunnies definitely give Barbie Bachelorette vibes and are more cost-effective with 2 in a pack!

19. F**k the Patriarchy colouring book

Lastly, I couldn’t finish this list without including something that spoke to the overall theme of the movie. The Barbie film was feminist in all the best ways and reminded us that men and women both need to work together to dismantle the problematic parts of the patriarchy that are holding women back. So if you want to carry those themes through your Barbie Hen party, you can get a few copies of this F**k the Patriarchy Colouring Book and either leave it around your hen party venue, or put it on the walls as empowering décor.

However you incorporate these products into your Barbie-themed hen party, I hope you have a total blast and it’s the BEST DAY EVER!

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