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2023 Hen Party Trends – Guest Post

If you or your bestie is getting married in the next 6 months or so, by now the WhatsApp group is bound to be in full swing, with message after message pinging over the plans for the hen party.

From Prosecco and Pornstar Martinis to pranks and plastic willie straws, some things never change.

However, some most definitely do – with trends changing more often than the bride’s mood on her big day.

And in 2023, there are some major trends set to dominate every hen party held over the coming months.


A hen do is no longer just buckets full of bubbles with a dance class shoehorned in on the Saturday morning.

Activities are now just as integral to the weekend as cocktails and ‘L plates’, with a big current drive towards shared experiences that are a bit more leftfield – and also looks great on the ‘gram.

Arty group activities are particularly in vogue this summer.

Party experts Last Night of Freedom say they are taking tons of bookings for Flower Crown Workshops, with Etsy-inspired groups seeking stuff that’s increasingly crafty.

And even the more low-brow activities – like staring at a bloke’s bits for a bit – have had a fresh lick of paint. Rather than gawping at a stripper, hens are instead sketching a naked fella with the Nude Life Drawing class which is the most booked activity in a ton of big destinations this season.


Like a pair of 501s, some things never go out of style – and that includes certain hen party destinations.

Newcastle and Liverpool have, for years now, towered above the rest when it comes to finding the perfect place in the UK to party.

However, there are some definite new kids on the block that are fast emerging as must-visit spots – especially for bridal parties where money is no object.

Dubai has soared in popularity in recent years, with groups going for longer – and generally not thinking twice about the cost – with the appeal of all-year round sunshine coupled with the city’s definite wow factor fuelling demand.

For groups seeking to stray from the norm – and stay slightly closer to home – Valencia and Lisbon are rapidly becoming highly-fashionable alternatives for brides-to-be seeking some style and sunshine.

But it isn’t all ultra-chic destinations that are making waves this year – the Cost-of-Living crisis is pushing up demand for more budget-friendly options.

Belfast is currently Europe’s fastest growing destination, with Last Night of Freedom recording a ‘Titanic’ 140 per cent surge in sales there in the past year – while hens seeking a raucous good time are flocking to Benidorm in their droves this summer.


1967 was the ‘Summer of Love’ – and 2023 is the summer of the personalised hen party accessory.

Customizing your props is all the rage this year. Last Night of Freedom offers everything from personalised wine labels to personalised penis pinatas (try saying that after a few glasses of Malbec).

The most popular new item? A personalised mini straw groom customised with his face – and a little straw willy popping out.

The name? Willy Man Pinata. Yup, does what it says on the tin.

But it isn’t just silly willies that are making it into bachelorette shopping carts this season – rose gold goodies remain popular, with Ginger Ray being the trendiest brand.

However, ultimately the biggest seller is – and likely always will be – the ultimate hen party accessory.

Yup, it is the penis straw.

Stay classy, San Diego.

This was a guest post written by the lovely folk over at Last Night of Freedom. Go give them some love!

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