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9 Spooky Halloween Hen Party Ideas

Spooky season is here! It’s my favourite time of year so I thought I’d combine it with my favourite event (Bachelorette parties) and list some ways you can embrace those Halloween vibes if your Bride is celebrating her hen weekend at this time of year.

DIY Spooky Candles

I’m a fan of a bit of DIY myself, so I love these pool noodles that have been magically transformed into giant spooky clusters of candles. All you need for this is Pool Noodles, a Hot Glue Gun, Black Paint, String and Tealights. Just cut your noodles into various heights and tie them together with string, Hot glue around the top and down the sides so it looks like dripping wax then, once dry, spray paint the whole lot black. Then you can push your battery-powered tealights into the holes (you might need to stuff the noodles with paper if the hole is wider than your tealights). Perfect spooky décor for any Halloween bachelorette party. Easy!

Pumpkin Carving

Is it even a Halloween Hen Party if you don’t carve pumpkins? Get your hands on a Pumpkin Carving Kit and check Pinterest for your design inspiration. You can even turn it into a contest and get the bride to vote for her favourite!

Spooky Cocktail Contest

Cocktail contests are another favourite hen party activity of mine, and if you’ve spent any time on Tik Tok you will have seen how FUN it is when people go all in. You can add dry ice to pretty much any drink for instant Halloween points, but PLEASE BE CAREFUL. Do not let it touch bare skin and wait until all the smoke is gone and it’s totally evaporated before you drink.

To get yourself even more bonus points, you can serve your drinks out of a,  Skull Drink Dispenser into Skull glasses or Skull Shot Glasses. For something a bit less skeletal, you could use these Octopus Glasses that make me super uncomfortable for some reason, or the timeless classic of a Witches Cauldron Mug, or even these Blood Bag Drink Containers. Use these  Pumpkin toothpicks/stirrers or these Skull Olive Picks to add your garnishes and use this, Skull Ice Mould to create that one last spooky detail.

Get everyone to make a round and ask the bride to judge at the end!

Escape Room Game

A twist on another great hen party activity. To amp up that spooky feeling of suspense, why not play this Haunted Hotel Escape Room game. All the fun of an escape with the comfort of not having to actually go anywhere!

Black Everything

I don’t need to tell you that decorating with black everything is a quick and easy way to instantly transform your hen party space. Stuff like these Balloons with cobwebs, Black ivy to drape over things, black napkins, a black tablecloth and even black cutlery. You can of course choose a bit more colourful palette with oranges, greens and purples all being classic choices, but I think all black is a really chic, grown-up look

Celestial Jewellery Holder Favours

This Celestial jewellery tray gives me gorgeous witchy vibes and would make lovely, and useful, hen party favours for your guests

Personalised Pumpkin Tote Favours

Speaking of hen party favours, make sure everyone knows you’ve thought about them with a Personalised Pumpkin Tote Bag. This can come in handy for taking home any other stuff they have picked up over the hen weekend  

Halloween Playlist

If you know me at all, you know that a themed playlist is a must for any hen weekend. There are lots of Halloween playlists to choose from depending on the vibe you prefer, but here’s mine. It’s a mix of chart hits with vaguely spooky titles, angsty Alt Pop with an eerie undertone, and Halloween classics we all know and love. Play in order to end the night with some big beats. Enjoy!

Halloween Movie Night

Yet another hen party favourite of mine is to choose a great movie and have a drink- along. And what better choice than Ghostbusters! Pop your email into this form and get a free copy of my drinking game rules.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have an amazingly spooky hen weekend!  

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