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Alcohol-Free Hen Party Games and Activities for Dry January 

The festive season has been and gone, which means many of us will be starting with new health goals for the year. Whether you’re all doing dry January, or you’re planning for a teetotal bride, here are my recommendations for alcohol-free games and activities for a hen party.


Truthfully, most activities are alcohol free once you think about it. 

I always advise my clients to start by thinking about the bride and what she loves. What are some of her favorite things to do? Don’t just pick a random activity because it’s available, actively look for something she’d enjoy.

Would she be up for a burlesque or pole dance class? 

A woman hanging from an aerial hoop in purple light  - alcohol free hen party games

Too sexy?

What about a morning at a trampoline park? 

Too active?

Maybe a pottery class? 

Too messy? 

Perhaps a spa day then? 

Too Zen?

You could a Window Shopping Scavenger Hunt

There’s a reason I categorize activities on this site by type of bride or by theme. It really does depend on the person. But there are literally thousands of alcohol free hen party options out there.

If you are looking for alcohol- free activities you can do from the comfort of your hen party venue this dry January, then the same rules apply. 

You could hire a chef to cook an excellent meal or teach you all how to make pasta

You could hire a masseuse to deliver a pamper party 

You could set up an inflatable obstacle course in the garden

Alcohol-Free Games 

If you plan on just doing everything yourselves then there’s still a buttload of alcohol-free games you can play in your venue. 

Icebreaker games 

To help everyone get to know each other you can have a look at my blog on bachelorette icebreaker games as most of them aren’t related to alcohol 

You can also buy my downloadable pack of icebreaker games. Wherever the rules mention taking a shot, just replace it with a dare or forfeit.

Physical games 

A great way to loosen everyone up without the lubrication of alcohol is to get them up and moving. So here are 5 quick and easy games that do just that. 

Cereal box game 

A classic that sometimes goes by other names. All you need for this is an empty cereal box, and a much of people with varying levels of flexibility. 

The aim of the game is to pick up an empty cereal box with your mouth, without touching the ground with anything other than your feet. 

For round one, most people are able to bend down and get the box with relative ease. Once everyone has had a turn, you tear a strip about an inch or two thick from the top of the box. Then everyone goes again. Keep going like this until you have only one person left who can get the box, they are the winner! 

Relay race activities 

A concept I often recommend to clients who plan on staying in their venue for a good chunk of the hen weekend is a “Relay Race” of short, fun activities. Get everyone into teams and have them compete in around 5 activities like bra pong, balloon hump, pin the junk on the hunk etc. If you’d like you can download my handy pack of relay race game ideas

Beat that 

Beat That is a very easy to learn and hilariously fun game I discovered this NYE through a friend. There are over 160 tasks to do and they range from the simple to the  impossible. Many of the games involve getting up and moving but don’t require a huge amount of physical fitness. Highly Recommend

Ping Pong Twerking 

This one involves a little DIY but it’s so worth it. Basically, you need to attach some form of belt to an empty tissue box. Whether that’s ribbon threaded all the way through or just basic Duct tape. Someone from each team will tie the rope/ribbon/belt around their waist until the box sits tightly at their lower back. The box is then filled with ping pong balls and, you guessed it, they have to twerk their little butts off until all the balls are out of the box! Whoever manages to get rid of all their balls the fastest is the winner. Helpful hints: Make sure the belt is strapped tight and the box doesn’t slide down over the bum, because then the balls just fall out. Make sure, if you are making these, that the straps are extra-long, to be inclusive of all shapes and sizes.


And of course, Twister is a timeless classic that makes sure everyone gets up close and personal.

Some general rules

Dares instead of drinks

Make sure you have a list of dares/ forfeits/ unpleasant tasks for people to do if they fail to complete something or refuse to answer a question etc. This replaces the usual “take a shot” or “ down your drink” type of rules so it’s perfect for an alcohol-free party.

Mocktail Bar 

Create a great Mocktail bar with interesting cordials, fruit syrups and garnishes. Just because you aren’t drinking alcohol doesn’t mean your drinks have to be boring. Check this fab list of 30 Mocktail Recipes for inspiration. 

Play the right music

If no one is drinking, the odds of them wanting to climb on a table and pump their fists the air to a club banger might be slightly reduced (depending on the crowd of course), but equally you don’t want to kill the atmosphere with too much background chill music. So a great way to encourage people to relax a little and engage with the party feeling is to play classic, (sometimes cheesy) well known hits with lyrics that everyone knows. Disco as a whole genre is an excellent choice as a bit of Diana Ross, Bee Gees or Donna Summer encourages a bit of chair dancing and shoulder shimmying. This Disco Forever Spotify playlist is a good place to start. If in doubt stick on an ABBA album and go from there.

These are just a few ideas but if you really want to browse a sh*tton of games, activities and other little touches (most of which are Alcohol-free) get your hands on the How to Hen Toolkit. The Toolkit not only helps guide you through the whole planning process, but it comes with a login that gets you full access to the entire database. 

When you browse How to Hen as a guest you can only see about 10% of the suggested ideas and activities so it really is worth getting the toolkit for the inspiration alone. 

Whatever you decide to do, I’m sure you’ll throw an awesome, booze-free hen weekend for your bestie. 

Happy Henning! 

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