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Bridgerton inspired Hen Party Outfits

Dearest Gentle Reader, Bridgerton-fever has once again swept through the ton. I’ve already given you 14+ Ideas for a Bridgerton themed hen party so now the only question that remains is, what shall you wear?

I have compiled this list of suggestions to inspire you and help you embody that true Bridgerton aura.

NOTE: While many of these suggestions are from fast fashion sites, I encourage you to have a look in your local thrift stores and second-hand markets to see if you can compose an outfit in a more sustainable way (but no judgement because believe me as shop fast fashion as much as anyone).

Right, let’s get on with it!

Floral Bridgerton Hen Party Outfits

There’s no question that pastel colours and florals are the dominating aesthetic of Bridgerton. So here are some items to lean into the floral fantasy.

The milkmaid neckline is very reminiscent of the Bridgerton dresses, so this cute daisy printed number is ideal. It’s young and playful but the lace around the neck still makes it feel somewhat vintage.   

This milkmaid dress has a similar neckline but with a more sweetheart shape, corset detailing and balloon sleeves make it feel a touch more grown-up.


Are dresses not really your thing? Or maybe not appropriate for whatever hen party activity you plan to engage in? Not to worry, you can pair this adorable bodysuit with some shorts, jeans or even a flowing tulle skirt like some of the ones listed further down. You’ll still look like a Bridgerton with this adorable neckline, puff sleeves and floral print.

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Or, if bodysuits aren’t your jam either, you can wear this shirred blouse instead for the same effect.

This mini dress is very sweet and the faint lilac of the print ties in beautifully with the lilac colour scheme that’s very heavily associated with Bridgerton.

The puff sleeves on this crop top combined with the print feel very Bridgerton to me. Pair with a pair of floral shorts, a pair of jeans or a tulle skirt like the ones below.

The Bridgertons are getting all the love but for those of us who are Penelope Featherington fans, why not give her signature yellow a nod in this GORGEOUS chiffon playsuit with sunflower print.

Okay, I know this one veers away from the milkmaid necklines and puffed sleeves associated with Bridgerton, but it was just so pretty I couldn’t resist. Tell me you can’t imagine running through the gardens of Aubrey Hall with this beautiful floral dress billowing around you.

Returning to milkmaid necklines and puff sleeves, this cute little number is a slightly warmer colour tone, for those of us who can’t quite pull off the pale pastels of the Bridgertons

Or this mint green summer dress is also a little brighter and well suited to the Bridgerton obsessed Bride who doesn’t want to wear white her entire hen weekend.

This purple version is very similar but longer, with a split in the leg. This allows for lounging around on picnic blankets and reading in the garden, or whatever else it is that a Bridgerton would do on her bachelorette, without worrying that you might accidentally flash the neighbours.

For the Bridgerton Brides who want to feel a bit more… Bridal, this little white crop top is extremely cute and she could pair it with white shorts, a lace skirt like this one, or one of the tulle skirts below.

As we move toward the flowy tulle and chiffon category below, this little pink dress is a perfect crossover.  The delicate love heart print and light pastel colours make it feel floral, while the chiffon sleeves and overlay add that sense of luxury that truly add to that feeling of being a Bridgerton.   

Again, the chiffon overlay of this mint green dress makes it feel elegant and suitable for any ball, whit the floral appliques still make it feel fun and playful, much like the Bridgertons

Whilst scandalously short, this beautiful turquoise dress with puff sleeves is so playful and pretty that I am certain the Bridgerton family would approve.

For something a little bit different, you could try this statement pink floral dress with outer corset detailing. The colouring and print still make it feel like it belongs in Bridgerton, while the corset detailing on the outside makes it feel like a modern take on the Bridgerton theme.

Flowy tulle and chiffon Bridgerton Hen Party Outfits

While florals are a staple of the Bridgerton show, there’s nothing quite like flowing fabrics like tulle and chiffon to make you feel like the epitome of societal elegance.

This formal blue dress keeps the floral detail with the appliques on the top half, while the tulle overlay skirt is likely to have you feeling like the duchess in no time.

A tulle maxi skirt is a simple classic that you can wear with any of the tops mentioned above or anything really, to add that elegant Bridgerton flair.

Okay so this one might seem a bit extra, but if you guys are going all out for the hen weekend, then nothing screams Bridgerton like a full-on GOWN! This tulle tiered maxi dress in pastel green is guaranteed to make you feel like you belong in the Bridgerton household and like the true diamond you are.

This is another gown yes but it’s a little less dramatic than the one above, and the corset detailing adds a little Bridgerton-esque feel to it.

This baby blue maxi is a little more modern with the short lining layer under the longer tulle skirt. The neckline isn’t particularly reminiscent of Bridgerton, but look at those sleeves, aren’t they just dreamy?

For something totally different, this tulle robe would be a great addition to a hen weekend because everyone could wear them as you’re getting ready to go out for the night. Or, with facemasks and slippers as part of a Bridgerton themed pamper party.

Sustainable options for Bridgerton Hen Party Outfits

I am conscious that everything I have recommended so far has been from fast fashion sites like Shien or Asos. While I am as guilty as anyone for shopping at and promoting these sites, I do like to provide some options for those who wish to shop more ethically.

I will note that I also understand that a lot of the recommendations below may be out of budget for a lot of people because sadly, at this current stage, shopping in sustainable fashion can often be more expensive than many can afford. So, I always recommend taking ideas from blogs like these and shopping second hand in your area in places like thrift stores and vintage shops, to see if you can find a Bridgeton appropriate outfit there.

This linen dress from Wearth London may be plainer than what we have looked at already, but the square neckline and puff sleeves lend themselves perfectly to the Bridgerton theme.

The same can be said for this white dress from Our Commonplace. The bust has creasing that allows for a bit more flexibility of movement than the previous dress, so you can be free to enjoy your Bridgerton themed weekend without worrying about fainting in front of the queen.

Another one from Our Commonplace, this dotted cotton dress is very reminiscent of the smocks and underdresses the Bridgerton women wear for sleeping or underneath their gowns.

This red printed maxi dress might not be the pastel colour scheme that we would associate with the Bridgertons, but the neckline and sleeves are just right and I think it channels young Lady Danbury vibes. Oh also, the best part? It has pockets!

The collared neckline on this blue printed cotton dress is a different take on the Bridgerton vibe and reminds me more of something Lady Kate Sharma might wear when she’s doing something the other ladies deem masculine, like hunting or shooting or riding on her own.

Again, this neckline is different to what we have associated with the Bridgertons so far. However, the luxury feel of the print and fabric on this beautiful ivory full-length dress, combined with the delicate buttons and the wrap-around tie at the waist, make it a more mature, refined option. Probably ideal for Mum’s and older guests who have the grace to carry it.

This purple summer dress from Ocelot Market returns us to the more familiar Bridgerton neckline and sleeve combo. It comes in a variety of colours and prints so you could even get matching dresses for all the hen party guests with different prints to suit each person.

Since all the sustainable options so far have been dresses, I thought I best include a blouse like this pink embroidered shirt with puff sleeves. It’s a beautiful, delicate option that would definitely fit in at a Bridgerton themed hen party

That’s it!
I hope you found this list useful and got some inspiration. To check out more ideas for a Bridgerton Hen Party, on everything from food to activities to décor, check out my blog below.

Happy Henning Gentle Readers!

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