Using ‘How to Hen’ to defeat bachelorette party planning stress

Planning a Hen (Bachelorette) Party is a stressful business. Sure, you can go to an agency to do it all for you, but that can get expensive and it also removes that element of love that comes with putting something awesome together for your best friend. I noticed that there wasn’t a platform that existed purely to help guide and inspire bridesmaids (and bridesmen) to plan a kick-ass Bachelorette weekend, without doing it for them. So that’s why I built

Here are 3 ways it can help you and dramatically reduce your stress levels.

Reduce search result overwhelm

Don’t put yourself through this. Pencils do not hold nutritional value and you’ll need new teeth before the wedding.

When you google “Hen Party”, you get a massive 188,000,000 results (with 107,000,000 results for “Bachelorette Party”). Pinterest won’t give me a number of results, but I can tell you that #bacheloretteparty has been used well over 73,000 times. With all this information, it’s almost impossible to just get started without being totally overwhelmed. Especially if you aren’t quite sure where to start. So I designed this site in a way that breaks it all down and makes inspiration an easy process. I have created 12 different “Types of Bride” so that you can browse ideas in whatever categories you think your Bride – to – be might fall into*. I also have 9 themes so that right away you can see if any of them sound like something she would enjoy. There’s even a favourites feature so you can collect all the best ideas in one place for you to look at later. When you sign up (for either a paid package or a free subscription) I will also send you my Free 14 step guide for hen party planning. So, if you really have no idea where to start. Start there.

Get the downloads and templates you need, in the places you need them

It is LITERALLY this easy.

I also wrote all of the content myself, which means that as I was writing, I would organically come up with ideas for templates and downloads that would work great with whatever activity I was writing about. So, I went ahead and designed said templates, then inserted them straight into the text for that activity. No navigating to a separate page, no signing up for ANOTHER email newsletter, no redirecting to my Etsy shop, no extra steps. Reading about the mall scavenger hunt activity? Go ahead and click the pink text right in the paragraph and it will open up the scavenger hunt ready to download and print as many times as you want. Simple and intuitive.

It saves you LOADS of time

You can get your entire weekend planned out in ready-made templates in less than HALF the time it would take to DIY

The NUMBER ONE benefit of using How to Hen is the massive amount of time it saves you. Can you get access to similar (ish) ideas elsewhere if you look hard enough? Probably. Will it take you at least twice as long to find the right ideas, track down related info, curse your way through broken links, buy a bunch of stuff on Etsy you’ll never use and sign up to 100 different websites before getting anywhere close to the same level of organized? Definitely. Not only is the inspiration clear and easy to browse, but the downloads and resources that I have created cannot be accessed anywhere else and they make your life SO MUCH easier. Seriously

Okay, okay I’m convinced, what do I do now?

Woo! Well, you can have a look at the Packages available to see what suits you. Or build your own if you only want a few little bits and pieces without site access.

A brief rundown of the packages on the site:

  • The Basic: FULL access to the whole site, including all the awesome stuff I just talked about
  • The Fairy Hen Mother: As above, but with weekly consults with me for the WHOLE planning period. I’m the expert ‘co – bridesmaid’ in your pocket. Or, on your shoulder I guess… Whatever, you get it.
  • The FULL package: As above, but also with hella awesome CUSTOM STATIONERY in one of my 5 design themes. Honestly not ashamed to admit I’m obsessed with all of them tbh.
  • THE VIP (Dubai only): As above, but with glam AF photography services from me.

Or, if you aren’t ready to take the plunge quite yet, you can subscribe for free to the email list. That way you can still get some cool freebies and keep in touch with me and all the fun stuff I’m up to until you are ready to upgrade to a package. You can also join my ‘Bridesmaid’s Clubhouse’ Facebook group or follow me on Instagram OR subscribe to my YouTube. You’ve no excuse not to get involved honestly.

Can’t wait to help you defeat that party planning stress-monster once and for all!

Enjoy a 30% discount, on us. The discount code has already been applied to your basket.
Enjoy a 30% discount, on us. The discount code has already been applied to your basket.
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