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Ideas and products for a Christmas Bachelorette Party

The festive season is nearly upon us! And if you have a bestie who is celebrating her bachelorette party at Christmas time then here are some ideas to keep you on-theme.

Click the photo to access downloadable Christmas themed bachelorette party games

Games and Activities

Xmas Rom Com Marathon

Definitely the top of my list when it comes to Christmas activities. Building a cosy blanket fort, getting a ridiculously large pile of snacks and watching all the holiday classics one after another. You can always add some drinking game rules to make more bachelorette friendly.

Paint your own baubles

If your guests seem like they’d enjoy a little DIY, why not get these plain wooden Xmas decorations, some acrylic paint and some glitter for that festive touch of course and let each person create their own decorations for your next activity?

Decorating the tree

Arguably one of the most iconic Christmas activities. Decorating the tree together is a great way to get all your bachelorette guests bonded. Choose a colour scheme and buy your baubles ahead of time or ask everyone to bring their own.

Santer Banter

A fun rhyming game from the same creators as Obama Llama, Santer Banter is a fun Christmas activity that’ll break the ice between all your bachelorette guests. Besides, nothing says Christmas like losing your s**t at your nearest and dearest after losing your 4th game in a row.

Reindeer Ring Toss

If you fancy something a little simpler, this inflatable reindeer ring toss is a bit of lighthearted fun that will definitely get more difficult the more eggnog you indulge in.

Food and Drink

Festive cake or cookie decorating

If you don’t have the time or inclination to bake, you can get yourself some ready-made, plain cupcakes (or cookies) without icing and ask your guests to decorate them themselves! Get yourself some icing in festive colours and some extras like pearls or red sprinkles and hold a contest to see who can make the prettiest festive cake. The bride will judge of course.

Xmas cake toppers

If that sounds like too much work. Just get some plain iced cupcakes and stick these festive cases and toppers in them. Or these snowflake toppers if you’d like to be *slightly* more subtle. Job done. 

Glittery Drinks

You can also put some edible lustre dust into your drinks to add that festive sparkle. Just like these shimmery blue margaritas

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Santa hats

Santa hats are obligatory if you’re celebrating your bachelorette at Christmas time. Dot these around your venue or gift them as favours. You can combine them with these Novelty Xmas Glasses and this tinsel-y red and green backdrop to set up a little DIY Photobooth.

Tinsel everywhere

Tinsel everywhere is also a really quick and easy way to turn your venue into a festive fantasy.


Christmas Scrunchies

These Xmas scrunchies make lovely themed favours for your guests. Better still, ones that they will actually use! You’d be surprised how many uses there are for a scrunchy over the course of a hen weekend.

Scented Candles

Or these little scented candle tins are also a really thoughtful gift that is likely to be kept after the trip.

Xmas Scarves

If you didn’t ask people to wear anything Xmas themed, getting everyone a Christmas themed scarf as a favour is an easy way to get everyone’s looks to tie together and to easily identify each other on any activities you do out and about.

I hope this has given you enough inspiration to get you started on planning your Christmas-themed bachelorette or hen party. If it really is the most wonderful time of the year for your bride, she will absolutely be grateful for any festive touches you can think of.

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