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Lord of the Rings Hen Party Ideas

A Wizard always arrives precisely when he means to. Since it’s #TolkienReadingDay today, it seems the perfect time to share some of my thoughts on how to throw a great Lord of the Rings themed Hen Party to life.

Lord of the Rings Hen Party Games and Activities

Ring Toss

Ring Toss is an age-old party game. All you have to do is throw a ring onto a stick. In order to make it LotR themed, all you have to do is make gold rings with this elven inscription written on in permanent marker. Simple, but effective.

Wizard Hat TV drinking game

Usually a favourite at Christmas time, the standard version asks you to stick a Santa hat on the side of the TV and take a drink anytime someone appears to be wearing it. For a Lord of the Rings Hen Party though, use a Wizard’s hat and watch one of the movies (or all of them if you’re feeling brave). Although, I would not recommend a full marathon. Unless everyone is as big a fan as the bride.


If you’re still organising your actual activities over the weekend, booking an archery experience, either at an activity centre or to come to you if you have outdoor space, will make you feel like Legolas himself.

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Lord of the Rings Hen Party Decor


There’s something about candles that transports you back in time. Decorate your venues with “naked” (not in branded jars) candles of varying sizes. Put them in bottles, cluster them together and light them early in the day to give them that weathered, well-used look.

Leaves / foliage and wood

Put those candles on round pieces of wood and surround them with artificial Ivy vines and other foliage to make your venue feel like a forest haven. Above all though, do remember safety first. Use battery-powered candles if you want to leave them unattended. Or put them near anything flammable

Maps of Middle Earth

Placing Maps of Middle Earth around your venue not only helps take your mind to the world of fantasy, but it’s also a fun detail for your guests to look at in any downtime. For instance, putting on behind a dessert table or even your DIY “bar” might encourage them to stand around and mingle. Although I imagine you might not need much encouragement to loiter at either of those locations.

Lord of the Rings Hen Party Food and Drink

“One ring” donuts

Donuts are an excellent party snack and adding the elven script from the “one ring” is a quick and easy* way to tie in your Lord of the Rings theme. *But, I’d recommend asking the bakery you buy them from to do this, as I would guess that your piping skills are not quite up to this level…

Eye of Sauron pops

Cake pops are another party favourite, and if you can find a bakery who are willing to do it, get yourself some painted like the eye of Sauron. Nothing takes the villain down a few pegs like being reduced to a ball of cake on a stick.

Lembas bread

There are a few ways that you could do this. For one, you could just do toast wrapped in the leaves for a time-saving option. However, to do it right, you can follow this recipe for something closer to the “real thing”

Lord of the Rings Hen Party Extras

Elven / Celtic Jewellery

If you have the budget to get a piece of jewellery for each guest, Celtic inspired pieces like this or this are pretty favours and tie in beautifully with the lord of the rings theme.

LotR themed Shot Glasses

This multipack of Lord of the Rings shot glasses make a great themed gift for many reasons. Firstly, you can unpack the glasses and you’ve got 4 favours straight away. Secondly, if you are a partying bunch, then you know these will be used over the weekend too.

No matter how you choose to celebrate your Lord of the Rings themed Hen Weekend, I’m sure it will be a party for the ages! Because you are a great friend and you are putting your bride first.

Happy Henning!

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