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Hen Weekend


I do the legwork, you get the credit

I know this might be your first time as a bridesmaid. I know you are super busy and probably feeling a bit overwhelmed. It must be hard trying to make time just for yourself these days, never mind having to coordinate ah hen weekend with a bunch of people you hardly know. But you are a GOOD FRIEND, and you want to do a good job.

What if you had someone who could get all the pesky hen party research out of the way, and present you with all the best options, bespoke to your specific weekend.

After a research consultation with me, you will have the following:

An overall structure for your weekend to follow

which means you can easily arrange the final bookings

Prices for everything, split per person,

which means you can see your budget at a glance and easily add and remove items to adjust it

Delivery lead times for items you need to order online

which means that you can order things you need in plenty of time

A 10 point action plan for what to do next

which means you have real, concrete tasks that you know you need to follow in order to bring your bangin' hen weekend to life

How it Works

Use the link in your email to book an intitial chat

I will spend 7 - 14 days researching what you are looking for

We have another call where I present all your options and we make a plan

You go and create the most awesome hen weekend!

£ 400.00

“ I cannot recommend Sherrie’s services highly enough. Her attention to detail is phenomenal and the level of support she offers her clients is second to none. She took all the stress out of the process and her network of connections ensured we had ample things to do. 5 stars! ”

- Sile

At this point you might have some questions:

What if I can't afford it?

The important thing to remember as a bridesmaid is that you should never dip too far into your own pockets for the bachelorette (which let’s face it, we all do), when you can spread the costs. This consult should be factored into your overall hen party budget and the price split between the guests. If you have 10 guests or more, that’s less than £8 per person! Trust me when I say they won’t even notice.

Also, how much is your time worth?

6 People $18 £13.14 66.66 aed
8 People $13.58 £11.87 50 aed
10 People $10.80 £7.88 40 aed
12 People $9 £6.57 33.33 aed
14 People $7.71 £5.63 28.57 aed
16 People $6.75 £4.92 25 aed
20 People $5.40 £3.94 20 aed
25 People $7.20 £3.15 16 aed

How much time will this save me?

Everyone works differently so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly, but if you imagine many nights on Pinterest, Google, Etsy, Amazon and any number of supplier websites just to try and narrow down some options (not to mention all the time you’d spend procrastinating in between) then that will give you some idea. The data I gather on prices, delivery times and distance from your accommodation, saves you massive amounts of time and, more importantly, brain space.

What if I need help finding accommodation?

While I can do this, it will take up quite a large amount of the consultation research, leaving less time for me to investigate all the little things that make the hen weekend special. So, I recommend getting this consult once you have your location and venue locked down.


I’m currently building my own hen weekend accommodation database, so stay tuned for easy access to a great list of properties.

What if it’s just a night and not a weekend?

It doesn’t matter what the format of the hen party looks like, if it’s making you feel more dread than excitement right now, then you need some help to change that perspective. One night still requires research and planning and I don’t want you to burn yourself out and lose your motivation, so let me do the annoying bit so you can enjoy the fun bit!

What if it’s happening really soon?

Even if you are less than 2 weeks away from your hen weekend, you know in your heart if you still need some help or not. Do you feel clear on your to – do lists and tasks running up to the event? Do you feel prepared? Did you get good suppliers for everything you were looking for?

If the answer to any of these was no, then you can still benefit from a consult.

What if I have already planned most of it?

Firstly, congrats! Take a second to pat yourself on the back. Secondly, If you are 100% happy with everything you have planned and there’s no lurking doubts that maybe you’ve missed something, then great! You don’t need me. However, there is a reason you are on this page. Which says to me that there’s still a nagging feeling that you need help with SOMETHING. Maybe you aren’t sure which games specifically to play in the “Games” section of your itinerary. Maybe you know you want to give everyone a lil’ goodie bag but you can’t think what to put in it. Maybe you’ve had last minute drama between the group, and you don’t know how to deal with it. Whatever last minute detail, that little voice in your head is freaking out about, let me help.

So, what do you say? Invest in a Consultation today and fast track your planning

£ 400.00

What to expect


When you purchase a consultation, you will get an email that contains a booking link that you can use to schedule a time and day that suits you for our first chat.  It will also contain a questionnaire for you and the bride, so I know what’s really important.

After our first call, I will go away and do the relevant research and then get back in touch for a second call for me to present my findings and help you plan your next steps.

You’ll also get some other emails with handy tips and the assurance that I am still right here with you on this journey, and you can get help from me anytime

I’m not the boss of you, but if you got this far. I URGE you to click that button and get a consult today. Like, right now. We both know you are on a limited schedule and let’s be honest, there’s a reason you are on this page right now. Follow that gut instinct and I PROMISE you; you won’t regret it.

£ 400.00

Still don’t believe me, why read not some of my testimonials to see that I mean every word when it comes to my passion for this. I just want you to succeed and I have full faith that you can create the experience of a lifetime for your pal.

You both deserve it.