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Throughout the site, you may have noticed me mentioning my General Hen playlists*, among other lists specifically related to the theme or category you are looking at. So here is a little breakdown of how my general playlists are meant to work:

*You will need a Spotify account, apologies that I don’t yet support Apple Music but hopefully you can at least get some inspiration

Hen General Day 1

If you’re in the UAE, it’s likely your weekend of celebrating will begin on a Thursday. However, if you’re almost anywhere else in the world, this is your Friday day-time playlist. This playlist features a mix of classics and modern hits. Designed to be played in the apartment/ villa from the arrival of your first guests, into late afternoon/after dinner, you are sure to find something to suit most people. This list, like most of my lists, should be played start to finish in order. But unlike some of my others, will still make sense if you stick it on shuffle.

Hen General Night 1

When you’re ready to get a little rowdier, turn the daytime playlist off and put this eclectic list on. If you are heading out for the night, this works pretty well to get you in the mood for dancing. Honestly though, with modern bops and big throwback classics, this pick and mix list is designed to be played on the night you stay in to play games, get drunk and dance around in your pyjamas. The songs get more old school as the evening goes on, play this list from start to finish and not on shuffle, to end the night on some epic 90‘s and 2000’s dance anthems.

Hen General Morning 2

The morning after the night before. These chilled out, light-hearted tunes can be played on shuffle as there’s no set order. They are designed to help soothe the possible delicate heads in the group, while still maintaining a cheery and upbeat vibe to get everyone ready for the rest of the day.

Hen General Afternoon 2

When you are done with morning chill out and recovery and want to move into the main portion of the day. Get this playlist on. Play from start to finish and not on shuffle to move from gentle summery vibes, to big summer anthems and finish on songs that prepare you perfectly for the “getting ready” portion of the evening. 

Hen General Night 2

Starting with a little Latin flair and blending into some club bangers, this list is designed to be played for either the pre-drinking/ getting ready stage OR as the evening playlist if you are making your own little club. Either way, play from start to finish and play it loud!

Hen General Morning 3

Unless you’ve taken a full week of holiday or managed to bag an extra day off, this will be the morning you have to start tidying up and getting back to reality. If last night was particularly heavy, then this mellow, chilled list should provide the background required to drag yourself from bed and pack everything up before check out time. This one can be played on shuffle as there’s no order to these songs.

All of these lists are longer than you need, so you can skip any songs you aren’t keen on* and still won’t run out of music.

Of course, it goes without saying that these playlists are very generic and are based on what’s been generally popular in the charts, as well as my own tastes. I can’t cater to absolutely everyone’s tastes I’m afraid but if you have any specific requests then please get in touch.

Event Planning Partners

If you love the ideas you’ve gathered from this site, but you really don’t have the time, energy or inclination for all the DIY and organisation required, fear not! Below are my partners in all things event planning*. Have a look at their profiles and get in touch with them using the code provided in their information. Then, they can take you forward with the rest of the logistics for your weekend.

*All of whom are currently in Dubai. If you are international event planner and are interested in becoming a partner then please get in touch.

Iva Maria Mataj

Hello, I’m Iva, your event planner available to listen to your wishes and ready to create beautiful, memorable Hen parties.

Born in Italy, raised in Albania, completed my education between London, San Francisco and Dubai, you can say that my background is quite International. I focus on building positive professional relationships with my clients as I believe in getting to know people and understanding their taste is key in creating successful events. I plan social events (engagement parties, hen parties, weddings birthdays, private parties etc) as well as corporate events. My focus goes into delivering your ideas impeccably while ensuring that you and your friends have an unforgettable experience.


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