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The Full Package includes all of the below but if you’d like to pick and choose from the selection to better suit your budget then just contact us with which products you’d like to purchase individually. All prices are for stationery in one of the pictured core themes: Gatsby, Festival, Unicorn, Mermaid, or Minimal. Please contact us for a quote if you’d like a custom theme.

Custom Made Programme

500 AED

An A5 programme that details every element of your weekend. From activities and timings, room names and even a location map. The front page will also feature your own personalised logo. This little guide is a really special touch that always goes down a treat.

* In one of our pictured core themes: Gatsby, Festival, Unicorn, Mermaid, or Minimal. Please contact us for a quote if you’d like a custom theme.

Custom Lanyard

300 AED*

A condensed version of the programme, this little lanyard is handy reminder of the key elements of the weekend, important info and even a scavenger hunt for when you’re out and about.
*Only 200 AED with the purchase of the Programme

Cocktail Cards

125 AED

Most Hen weekends worth their salt will have some sort of DIY bar set up. But, to really turn it into a more cohesive, professional set- up, get some custom cocktail cards. You tell me what beverages you will be providing, and I will come up with a list of between 8 – 12 cocktails that you’ll be able to serve with those ingredients. I then put the recipes on these adorable little cards. You print the cards, cut them out, laminate them (waterproofing, trust me) and use a lanyard or keyring to store them all together at your bar. It’s a great way to encourage people to be creative with their pours and is always an appreciated extra.

Prize Certificates

50 AED

Regardless of what you guys will be up to, is it really a Hen weekend without a little friendly competition? Of course not. So why not get some custom-made prize certificates for whatever mad fun you have planned?

Stop The Bus Games

25 AED

If you didn’t play this game at school then you missed out my friend! It’s a quick-thinking category game and is easy enough to play for folk of all ages and abilities (I will send you instructions if you choose to purchase don’t worry). You can also opt for the sexy version which is far more Hen appropriate, but maybe not one for Granny to play.

Wall Quotes

25 AED

Now, personally, I love a good quote. Especially if it’s an empowering, badass quote by a woman or about women or ideally, both. So, get this collection of quotes to stick all around your venue to remind everyone how fierce and amazing they are.

Any Other Design Work

Price On Request

Whether it’s custom gift tags for your goody bags, invitations, labels for drinks or signage for the doors. If you can think of something else you would like custom designed, then just let me know and I’m sure we could work together to create something perfect.