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The Something Different Bride

This category is kind of like a “Greatest Hits” collection from the rest of the site. Any of the activities that seemed like something really fun and unique, all come together in this category. If you want to plan some out-of-the-box activities that will be sure to get everyone talking, then look no further.


Test your Adventurer skills at TEPfactor Dubai

Remember Fort Boyard? That TV show from the late '90s where people were locked into prison cells by that grumpy guy off of EastEnders and had to use various physical, mental and team working skills to escape? No? Crystal Maze then? Well, this is basically the same, minus the TV cameras. TEPfactor Dubai boasts being a “one of kind adventure experience” that tests your physical and mental capabilities to the limit. Get through this and that well-deserved drink later on will taste all the sweeter.  Tickets cost 80aed each on weekdays and 100aed each on weekends.


Calligraphy workshop

This is a particularly excellent idea if your B2B is planning on doing a lot of DIY for the wedding. Imagine how good it would feel to brag to all the other guests that you helped hand – write the invitations, or table names, or seating plan. While a niche activity, it’s growing in popularity and might be something that, even if not advertised in your area, is actually available if you contact local art schools and even universities.

Bringing the Fun to You in Dubai

Session or workshop with Suz at Sourceful

Suz Macdonald over at Sourceful has personally created group sessions specifically for you guys!  She can offer drum circles and sound healing meditation as group workshops, individual 20 min reiki sessions and quick tarot readings. Inviting Suz to your party in one form or another is a way to do something a bit different from the standard.

Bringing the Fun to You 

Tarot/Psychic Readings

Whether your B2B and the gang are sceptical or not, tarot readings are always interesting. Inviting a psychic to your venue to give some readings throughout the night is a really fun little extra. Who knows, you might even get a glimpse into your future!

Staying In

Tie Dye

Ah, the 90's. They have made a bit of a comeback these days with chokers and chunky heels once again gracing the pages of … Instagram? But alas a great trend that doesn't seem to have returned is the magnificent variety of tie-dyed... well, everything. Of course, tie-dye is actually a relic of the Hippy Era. Also, it's just really fun to tie-dye. Get yourselves a DIY kit and create some psychedelic patterns, dude!  Bonus Tip: do this as the first activity of the weekend and then get everyone to wear their creations out for a daytime activity.

Other Touches

Food & Drink

Coming up with ‘Something Different’ when it comes to party food can be tricky. You don’t want to take too many risks because you have a crowd to please.

A potluck dinner is quite traditional, but you could mix it up by turning it into a “Come Dine with Me” situation*. Assign each person a course to bring and arrange for the guests to score their favourites.

*If you have never seen Come Dine with Me then I truly feel for you. Here is a clip that sums it up perfectly. 



Choosing a Theme and really going all in on the décor for that is probably the best way to stand out. However, there are some other non-traditional ideas. Also, pretty much all the suggestions on the site, outside of the OG Bride, would classify as ‘something different’ so make sure to check out the other categories.



    What better way to make your group feel like stars than to get an aftermovie made of your whole weekend. It hasn’t become the norm yet, so it fits nicely into the ‘something different’ category. I also offer this service and would be happy to put something together for you, just contact me and we can sort it out. I didn’t make this one but it’s a great example of how some phone videos can be put together into something magical that celebrates the weekend.


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