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7 Gorgeous Cakes for an Intimate Wedding

Weddings as we know them have changed. Hopefully not forever, but we do need to adapt to the new rules and regulations around weddings wherever we are. Mostly, weddings are now WAY smaller and more intimate and usually involve just a few close friends and family. But it’s not a wedding without CAKE. So, I have collected some of my favourite small wedding cakes that show that less sometimes really is more.

A flower sits in a piece of cake on a table

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1. Naked and “Almost” naked cakes are so popular, and I can see why. They are simple but so sweet and perfect for that rustic, low key vibe. This one matches the aesthetic of this lovely autumn wedding so well. It’s a great example of how a few flowers and a simple look can still be really classy. Something like this would also work great for a Festival themed Hen Party

A slice of cake sitting on top of a wooden table

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2. On the other end of the scale, you could get a cake that has ALL the things on it. This cute floral cake is just perfect for a spring theme (we don’t know if big weddings will be back on by then) and is bursting with character.

A close up of a flower

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3. Hand-painted cakes are a really elegant but expressive addition to a wedding. This features some hand-painted flowers and my favourite, an ombre. I just love the artistic touch and I think looking at hand-painted cakes really connects people to the person who made it. Which, I think, is perfect for small, intimate weddings.

A cake sitting on top of a table

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4. I LOVE a Geode Cake. My super-spiritual, crystal loving Mum made sure I have always been around them. I’m only sad that this trend appeared after my wedding because I would 100% have one if I got married now. They also add a real “wow” factor to any wedding. This little one is so beautiful and ornate that you forget it’s a small cake for a small wedding. This one is ideal for a “Glam Bride”

A bowl of fruit on a plate

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5. As an alternative to the tall, narrow cakes that are all the rage, you could do something different and opt for a something like this black and white number. The wider surface area on top allows for the bold black and white design and the delicate berry decoration to make an elegant statement. Perfect for a Classy Bride.

A close up of a cake

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6. Another stunning trend coming up recently has been fault line cakes. Personally, I prefer calling them “peekaboo” cakes but whatever… Anyway, look how CUTE! You could do lemons like this cake (which would also totally suit a Tropical Hen Party FYI) or strawberries, sprinkles or even macarons! The possibilities are endless (probably). You can even follow this recipe if you want to have a go at making it yourself for your special day.

A vase of flowers on a table

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7. If you want to do something a little different then why not get rid of the cake altogether? If you are celebrating with a small number of people, then one cake might not be the best option. You could instead spend the money on doughnuts in a variety of flavours to suit the people you know are going to be there. You can also do cookies, cupcakes, eclairs or even cake pops.  Find a pretty way to present them and before you know it your guests won’t even have noticed that there wasn’t a “cake”. This one is ideal for that “Something Different” Bride.

Happy Henning!


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