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The Classy Bride

Is the B2B a real class act? Would she rather die than put on a pink L - Plate and get a lapdance from a stripper? Then this list should be right up her street. Filled with sophisticated and modern ideas which are still fun, these suggestions will help you put together something even the grand old Queen of England would love to attend!


Go For Afternoon Tea

We are starting off with an absolute British classic, and in Dubai, you are spoiled for choice! Some of the best afternoon teas in the city can be found in the Ritz-Carlton JBR, Raffles Salon, Al Fayrooz or the Palace Downtown. If you’re feeling particularly flush, then indulge in one of the teas at the Burj al Arab. Which range from 430 – 650aed per person.

Attend a Fancy Brunch

If you’ve been in Dubai for long, you’ll know your way around a couple of good brunches. If you haven’t, then Brunch here is 4 hours of unlimited food and alcohol, which might sound messy, but there are definitely some more upmarket brunches available to make you all feel very classy indeed. Firstly, there is the James Bond themed Brunch at Prime68. Get suited up and feel like a Bond star for evening, while taking in the views from the tallest 5-Star hotel in Dubai. Plus, if you follow and PM the dubaisteaklover on Instagram you’ll get 50% off the brunch price (495aed). Another option is The CHIC Brunch at Pier Chic. With excellent seafood and breathtaking views of the world-famous Burj al Arab, this upmarket brunch is sure to make you feel like the catch of the day (595aed).

Lastly, if you’re likely to start classy but you’re also aiming to end on a party, then STK is for you. The JBR hotspot is often booked out weeks in advance, but there’s also a downtown version so be sure to check both. With really classy décor and a menu to match, this steakhouse will slowly start to pump up the volume and before you know it, people will be dancing on the tables!

Here is a great list of posh “Mum – friendly” brunches that are bound to keep everyone happy.


Cookery Class

Learn a new skill, and get competitive without breaking a sweat (you hope). It will depend on what is available near you, but most cities have a plethora of options for you guys to choose from. If not, try and rope in a local culinary school, restaurant or even the Grandma who cooks the most famous food in town.

Cake Making/Decorating Workshop

On the subject of culinary arts, is it really a stereotypical “Girls weekend” if there’s not a serious amount of chocolate/sugar involved? Do one better than that giant bar of Galaxy you’ve got stored for later at the apartment, and see if you can find anything nearby that will help you create something a little more Instagram worthy. Whether it’s sugar crafting, cake baking or a chocolate workshop, there’s bound to be something near you. If there isn’t, I’d recommend hosting your own bake-off

Bringing the Fun to You in Dubai

Turquoise Boutique are a fabulous company that deliver all kind of amazing workshops and activities to any location that suits. The following suggestions are hosted by these beauts.

Perfume Making

Meredith and the team will come to you and help you create your own custom perfume. Not only is it quite the sophisticated-yet-fun activity, but you also get a little bottle of your creation as a fantastic keepsake!

Bringing the Fun to You 

Hire a String Quartet

Nothing quite sets the mood like a string quartet! It may seem a little OTT, but if you are planning on hosting a tea party in the flat, or doing an activity that’s not particularly active. This little touch really adds a classy “Wow” factor to the weekend, sure to impress even the most difficult of Mothers-in-law.

Staying In

Have a Pamper session

Get out the facemasks and put those slippered feet up.  Sometimes all it takes to really transport yourselves to the spa is the right music, and some cheap and easy treatments like shop-bought facemasks and nail polish. Warn the attendees in advance to bring their dressing gowns. Even better if you have the budget, get some pretty monogrammed robes and give them to everyone as a gift that they can take home! This is another great addition to a Sleepover themed do.

Other Touches

Food & Drink

Think delicate pastries for breakfast, posh bite-sized hors d'oeuvres and everything served with bubbles. If you can afford it, having the party catered professionally will really make it seem like a fancy affair.



Two words. Rose. Gold. Nothing screams classy more than rose gold and metallic EVERYTHING. Even obnoxious L plates look better in rose gold. From balloons to paper plates, straws to If you can think of it, odds are you can purchase it in rose gold. If you can’t, get some spray paint and some tape and let’s DIY this b*tch! To help inspire you, here are some great suggestions for all things rose gold (for a birthday, but still).



Goody bags are a popular trend at Hen weekends these days and a really nice way to treat the guests and make them feel welcome. If you didn't do any activities where everyone got something to take home, have a look at this list of really pretty things for some inspiration. Even if you can’t afford to buy each person one of these items, you can always give a bit of DIY a go. For example, here’s a great tutorial on how to make really pretty glitter drip wine glasses. Head over to Ikea for the glasses, order the vinyls online and stick them on yourself.

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