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Festival Theme

“Festivals” these days are less and less about music, and more about embracing that hippy aesthetic and covering your Instagram in as many clashing cultural references and colourful, glittery things as you can. Which makes it an excellent theme! If your B2B’s dream Bachelorette would be at Coachella, but you can’t quite get that in the budget, then build your very own festival around her. Here’s how:

Local Activites (Dubai)

Yoga Class

It’s becoming expected that at any major music festival there will be wellness activities worked into the schedule of the weekend. Yoga being probably the most likely one. The good news is, Dubai is definitely not short of yoga experiences. ‘What’s On’ has a guide to the 13 best yoga studios in Dubai. But if you’re looking for something a little different you could try out Sunset Yoga, Bikram/ Hot Yoga or “Underwater” Yoga at Dubai Mall Aquarium. Alternatively, if you have any yogi’s in your group, you could head to one of these top yoga spots and hold your own private yoga session.

General Activities

Go to a concert

It’s unlikely that your B2B’s favourite artist will just so happen to be touring in your area on the chosen date of the Hen weekend. However, if she's musically inclined then she’s bound to love all sorts of live shows and local gigs. Do some research into live music where you are and choose something you know she will enjoy.

Bringing the Fun to You (Dubai)

Dreamcatcher Making/Macramé Workshop

The Dreamcatcher is the icon heavily associated with music festivals and peace signs, so how nice would it be to get the whole group to make their own? Meredith over at our fav Turquoise Boutique runs great DIY workshops and can show you how to make a beautiful custom dreamcatcher or a stunning macramé wall hanging. Not only is it a fun activity but everyone also leaves with a lovely keepsake of their own.

Bringing the Fun to You (General)

Have a flower arranging session

Flowers are also a quintessential part of festivals. I mean, hello? FLOWER POWER? Duh. This activity is also really useful if the B2B fancies having a go at making her own bouquet or table arrangements. Have a look online to see what’s near you, and if you aren’t successful there, then reach out to local florists and see if they would be willing to come to you and teach you a few things!

Staying In

Make your own flower crowns

This makes for a really fun bonding activity and at the end of it everyone has something they can wear out/ take home! You will need florist wire, florist tape, snips and as many artificial flowers you can get your hands on. Top tip: contact all local florists who use artificial flowers (Facebook groups are an excellent resource for this) and ask them if they have any random bits and pieces left over that they plan to throw away, that they would be willing to donate to you. Buying the flowers can get very expensive so try your best to get as much as you can for free, even if it’s just foliage to help bulk them out. There are a few different ways to build the crowns, so you can follow along with tutorials like this one or this one. Another Top Tip: Organisers, make your own before the event so that you have practised the technique, and also because you probably won’t have time to spend doing your own while helping everyone else.

Other Touches

Food & Drink

Festival food hasn’t always been thought of in high regard, but these days modern festivals are going all out on their food. From gourmet food trucks to DIY sweet stations, eating has become a major part of the festival weekend, with attendees stressing out about what to choose and getting full before they have had a chance to try everything. So, on that note, let’s break down how you can replicate this at your weekend.


    Turning your venue into a hippy wonderland may be easier than you think. If you have some time to prep and someone who is a dab hand at DIY, then you’ll be in your own virtual festival tent in no time.


    Let’s get one thing clear. It’s not really a festival without wristbands, a programme and a lanyard, to tell you all about what’s happening over the weekend. Luckily for you, this is a speciality of mine. Check out my custom-made programme and lanyards that detail the events of your weekend and provides your guests with all the information they will need to know for the upcoming festivities. I would specifically recommend these cool rainbow lanyards to go with them too.


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