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The Glam Bride

Is the B2B a Glamourous Queen? Is she a make-up master or an Instagram superstar? Is she up to date with the hottest trends in fashion, or does she sweat glitter? Whether she's a Princess or a supermodel, these activities are sure to please any B2B that loves all things glamorous.


Pole dance class

If ever there were a sporting activity that fell into the glam category, pole dancing is it. If you’ve always wanted to try it (I know you have) then head down to Pole Fit Dubai and give it a go. Speaking from first-hand experience I can tell you it's a very difficult art form, but the girls at Pole Fit make it so much fun and you will feel like such a glamour-puss. Even when it's been 40 minutes and you still have no idea what you’re doing.


Go to a drag show

Who knows how to party? DRAG QUEENS know how to party. Can I get an amen up in here? Find your nearest show/club, glam it up, and prepare to GAG* on some incredible lewks, killer dance moves and cutting wit. With plenty of drinks and songs that will prep you all to unleash your inner diva on the dancefloor later**.

*Which means something good in this context by the way.

**Later means later. Not during the show. Show these ladies the same respect you would show any other artist while they are performing. Don’t be that Hen party

Bringing the Fun to You in Dubai

Makeover and Photoshoot

If you don't fancy heading out to a salon, enjoy a full-on make-over from the comforts of home by hiring one of my recommended beauty artistsGet the Girl Power playlist on the go and get glammed up. In order to celebrate your beauty, I can come and capture you all in your own private photoshoot! Just contact me to organise!

Bringing the Fun to You 

Hire a Bartender

If you can’t be bothered with the absolute hassle of having to pour your own drinks all night, hire yourself a local bartender. If there's not a dedicated service in your area that provides such a thing, then reach out to local bars and clubs to see if any of their staff fancies making a bit of extra cash on their days off.  You might also want to hire a couple of butlers to serve you said drinks…  Whether are they are naked is up to you… (well, also them – consent is important.)


Staying In

Pamper session

Get out the facemasks and put those slippered feet up.  Sometimes all it takes to really transport yourselves to the spa is the right music, and some cheap and easy treatments like shop-bought facemasks and nail polish. Warn the attendees in advance to bring their dressing gowns, or even better if you have the budget, get some pretty monogrammed robes and give them to everyone as a gift that they can take home! This is a great addition to a sleepover themed do.

Other Touches

The “Classy Bride” Category also has lots of suggestions that would suit a Glam bride, but here’s some more anyway!

Food & Drink

I feel the key to having ‘glam’ food and drink is just to have as many sparkly-yet-edible things as possible. Buy some edible glitter and put it in EVERYTHING. These sparkly champagne Jell-O shots are so glam. As are these golden donuts, as well as all of these “Oscar party” themed treats.



You guessed it. GLITTER!! Whether it’s Balloons or Banners, Signs or Bunting, Candles or Feathers. The more your place sparkles, the more glamorous it will look. Colour wise, you can go with pastels, rainbow bright (which goes great with the Mermaid or Unicorn themes) or Black and Gold (which goes really well with a Great Gatsby theme)



    Everyone knows that music videos are the epitome of glam (some of them anyway). So what better way to make your group feel like actual stars than to get an aftermovie made of your whole weekend. If you’d like me to put something together for you, then contact me and we can sort it out. I didn’t make this one but it’s a great example of how some phone videos can be put together into something magical that celebrates the weekend.

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