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Hen/ Bachelorette parties are becoming the next big thing these days, and while that’s great news for me and businesses like mine... it can often mean that those invited feel pressured into spending money they simply don’t have. If your B2B wants to keep the festivities budget friendly, then here are my best suggestions for a great budget hen.


People watching at Kite Beach

Even if you lot aren’t the paddle boarding or kite surfing type, Kite Beach has plenty to offer. Join in a volleyball game on the sand, wander along the track with a snack or just sit and watch the world go by from one of the beachside shops, cafes, or food trucks.


Picnic at a local park / Day at the beach

Picnics are a (nearly) free day out having fun with your besties. Plan ahead and make sure you have all the supplies you need. Save money by asking around and borrowing coolers, blankets and anything else you can think of.  Find your closest grassy/ sandy area and just enjoy the afternoon in (ideally) the sunshine. On that note, make sure you check weather forecasts if you live somewhere that’s likely to throw a rain-shaped spanner in the works.

This is such a lovely budget hen activity. Particularly when you throw in some of my classic hen games.

Bringing the Fun to You in Dubai

The whole concept of this category is paying for stuff/ people to come to you, so I’m gonna go ahead and skip it.

Bringing the Fun to You 

The whole concept of this category is paying for stuff/ people to come to you, so I’m gonna go ahead and skip it.

Staying In

Board/card games

Rather than buying new stuff, ask the group and see who has games lying around that they would be willing to bring along. Even a pack of cards is better than turning up empty-handed. Cracking out something long-winded like Monopoly may well kill off the party vibe, but there are loads of really fun adult-only games that are sure to entertain. Some of my favourite card games include; Cards Against Humanity, Game off,  Drunk Stoned or Stupid, Unstable Unicorns, Don’t Panic, Exploding Kittens and Cranium Dark. If you’re lucky, at least someone in your group will have one of these.

Other Touches

Food & Drink

When keeping to a budget, eating out is best avoided, so make sure you have catered to suit everyone*. There are a few ways to do this. Firstly, you can get people to bring food with them and that way everyone contributes. Alternatively, you can wait until everyone is together, do a group shopping trip and spilt the final cost between everyone. Or, I recommend being a bit organised and doing a few runs to the local shops / checking online before the event and get a rough cost for how much you think you are going to spend on food. Then incorporate this into the money you are asking each person to pay.  This way, you can do the shopping trip the night before, and they turn up and the food is already bought. In their head, they aren't having to pay out anything extra as it was included in the “price”. Here is a list of frugal food choices to help inspire you.

*check in advance for allergies and dietary requirements so you can cater accordingly.



If you’re on a budget then you can’t go mad with decorations, since the costs add up. So, stick to the basics like balloons, bunting and confetti in her favourite colours.



    Make a music video of your whole weekend! You just have to ensure that you all take LOTS of videos and then put them together into an epic aftermovie. It doesn’t take much to learn your way around iMovie or another editing software, and it’s a wonderful memory for everyone at the end of it all. I didn’t make this one but it’s a great example of how some phone videos can be put together into something magical that celebrates the weekend. This is a service I offer too, so reach out if you want some help.

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