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The Intellectual Bride

Is your B2B a bit of a smart cookie? Does she have a keen interest in Science, Literature or the Arts? Whether she’s a budding astronomer or a palaeontologist, a bookworm or an opera lover; here are some very helpful tips to keep that little brainbox happy and engaged.


Enjoy a local Emirati meal at Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

Sit down for either Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner with other keen learners and hear from an Emirati host about UAE culture, customs and religion at the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding. Meals range from 130 to 160aed per person, with a minimum booking of 10 people. You can view the full brochure here.


Visit a local Art Gallery

Here’s a printable “Art Speak” Bingo Card. Get each person to look at the descriptions at the side of each painting and whoever gets a row filled first wins! Earn extra mischief points by loudly ‘Critiquing’ the pieces in the style of an actual art critic. Here’s an excellent, rudely named art speak generator to help you sound authentic.

Bringing the Fun to You in Dubai

Host a 'Home Concert'

Home concerts in Dubai is a great group where people from all walks of life come together over a love a music. You can choose to host, listen or perform at these concerts that take place across the city in people’s homes. It’s totally free and a great way to experience new, local artists. If you want to host a concert, you’ll need to get in touch early to try and arrange a date that works for everyone.

Bringing the Fun to You 

Hire a local musician or host a backyard concert

Whether it’s reaching out on Facebook, or asking your local busker, you would be amazed how affordable it can be to get a really talented musician to perform for an hour or so for you guys in the privacy of your Livingroom. Alternatively, you can look into ‘House’ or ‘Backyard’ concert groups in your area. This is a great concept where people come together in someone’s home to experience new, local, artists and bond over a love of music. Stick “Backyard concerts near me” into Google and see what you can find.

Staying In

Host a Silent Reading Party

Is your B2B a huge bookworm? Are you guys the types to prefer reading a good book than going dancing? Then this could be the kind of party for you. You can choose to read separately, but it works best if you all start on the same book. It’s simple really, you sit quietly and enjoy the book for 2 hours, and then afterwards you can discuss what you thought. You can even compare reading speeds and give a prize to the quickest reader! Alternatively, you could hold a little quiz at the end just for fun to see who was really paying attention. Here is a great list of tips on how to host a great silent reading party.

Other Touches

Now your food, décor and other details will depend entirely on the type of "Intellectual” your B2B is. So, I have helpfully created a few categories below to help inspire those little details that really bring your event together.


  • Banners, Confetti, Garlands and a heap of other décor made from pages of her favourite books *NOTE, do not stealth into her bedroom and destroy her favourite books by ripping out the pages. Scan and print or type them up. Please.

'Lab' Science

  • Literally EVERYTHING at this incredible 9 year old’s science themed birthday party

'Historical' Science

Okay, so I couldn’t think of another way to group palaeontology, archaeology, geology and the other “ologies” together.



All of these themed suggestions can be found in the ‘Musical Bride’ Category


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