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The Casual Bride

If your B2B is the casual bride type, the type of gal who will go with the flow, whose idea of a great night consists of nothing more than decent pizza and her best mates, then this is the category for you. It’s not about getting dolled up and splashing the cash. It’s not about wearing all pink or getting blackout drunk. It’s about chilling out in some cool spots, doing some fun stuff and making memories with great company. 


People watching at Kite Beach

Even if you lot aren’t the paddle boarding or kite surfing type, Kite Beach has plenty to offer. Join in a  volleyball game on the sand, wander along the track with a snack or just sit and watch the world go by from one of the beachside shops, cafes, or food trucks.

Various kites on the beach with the Burj Al Arab in the background- Bachelorette Party Decor for the Casual Bride


Picnic at a local park / day at the beach

Picnics are a (nearly) free day out having fun with your besties. Plan ahead and make sure you have all the supplies you need. Save money by asking around and borrowing coolers, blankets and anything else you can think of.  Find your closest grassy/ sandy area and just enjoy the afternoon in (ideally) the sunshine. On that note, make sure you check weather forecasts if you live somewhere that’s likely to throw a rain-shaped spanner in the works.

Picnic basket and blanket with food and blue skies- Bachelorette Party Activities for the Casual  Bride
Arcade interior - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Casual  Bride


It's an all-around wholesome day out and, while you’re thinking it sounds a lot like your 12th birthday party, 12-year-old you knew what was fun. Most major Malls will have all three of the above in close proximity to each other, so you can treat yourself to a whole day of the kind of stuff you did for fun as kids.

Open mic night

Causal, informal and chilled but still engaging and interesting. Sounds good right? Duh. So why not find a decent open mic night in your area and saunter along for a few drinks and general entertainment. You can even take along some of my Bachelorette table games to play when you are there.

Mic in foreground with blurred stage lights behind - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Casual Bride

Bringing the Fun to You in Dubai

Rent Arcade / Lawn Games

Elite interactive events have a great range of fun stuff that you can hire out to make chilling out in the apartment/ villa that bit more fun! You can go big with an inflatable obstacle course, or low key with Giant Jenga or Beer Pong. Whatever you think your casual bride would enjoy. 

someone pulling out a giant jenga block - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Casual Bride

Bringing the Fun to You 

Rent carnival games/inflatables

Do a little research and see if there are any companies near you that will rent you out some old school carnival games or inflatable fun stuff for the garden (as long as you have space). This is a great way to have a little fun without having to schedule it in or make an event of it.

A Tin Can Alley Carnival Game - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Casual Bride

Staying In

Lawn games

Nothing says a chilled bachelorette more than hanging out in the garden and playing some games in the grass. Go back to your childhood by playing catch or tag, invest in some skipping ropes or even a tetherball. This list of DIY yard games should help get you started with some inspiration for your casual bride.

Paper plates and hula hoops on grass like noughts and crosses  - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Casual Bride
women running with egg and spoon - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Casual Bride

Sports day / Relay race

Speaking of regressing to your childhood. Why not have a sports day/ relay race in the garden? I highly recommend that you do a test run of whatever games you are including so that you get an idea of how tricky they actually are. My super fit sister set up the space hopper section of the relay at mine, and it just about killed half the party. I have made a list of individual games that you can put together in the form of a relay. But honestly, you could take literally any game mentioned on this site and incorporate it into a relay.  Depending on how many people you have, you can break the group down into teams, and either each team member takes part in every game, or one team member volunteers to do each section. If you do it the latter way, the game moves a little faster, and you can have one big activity at the end where everyone is involved. I'd also recommend using something fun like a badge or a Hawaiian lei, in the colours of each team, for the competitor to wear during their turn. Or alternatively, the whole team can wear coloured bibs or even war-paint. Let the games begin.

What age was the bride?

This a really nice, nostalgic game to play with the group. Simply collect photos of the bride at different ages either through her parents or through Facebook, and display them on a board numbered 1 – 10 (or however many you have). You then ask each person to write down their guess for each number. The person closest to the real age wins a point, and the person with the most points at the end wins. You can also break this up a little bit by incorporating statements/ stories of things the B2B has done or said, and ask people to guess the age she was when they happened. This is a good way to make the game last longer if you end up with not that many photos.

Board with photos of the bride and different ages - Bachelorette Party Games for the Casual Bride

Other Touches

Food & Drink

BBQ’s are an activity within themselves and are the perfect food for the casual bride. Good food with no frills. Make sure you do have plenty of condiments and options available to suit all tastes*. A DIY toppings bar for burgers and hot dogs is a good way to keep everyone happy.

*check in advance for allergies and dietary requirements so you can cater accordingly.

Sausages and burgers on a plate - Bachelorette Party Food for the Casual Bride
Corner of a loft with blankets and cushions and tea - Bachelorette Party Decor for the Casual Bride


This depends entirely on if you have gone with a theme or not. I would definitely recommend checking out the Sleepover theme suggestions if you want to emphasise the “Casual” vibe, or the OG Bride category for Bachelorette specific décor.



    Get a music video made of your whole weekend! You just have to ensure that you all take LOTS of videos and then put them together into an epic aftermovie. If you’d like me to put something together for you, then i can do that! Contact me and we can sort it out. I didn’t make this one but it’s a great example of how some phone videos can be put together into something magical that celebrates the weekend.


    someone holding a phone landscape and recording a video - Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Casual Bride

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