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Sleepover Theme

Anyone that tells you that sleepovers (slumber parties for our American friends) are for kids, is someone you need to cut out immediately. Who needs that negativity in their life? If your B2B longs to relive the pre-teen days of face masks and slippers, pillow forts and movie marathons (who doesn’t?) then look no further.

Local Activites (Dubai)

Grab a bite at Tania's Teahouse

Tania’s tea house is a beautiful, modern café in Umm Suqeim. With a great variety of teas and sweet treats on the menu and lots of stunning Instagram friendly décor, this is a great venue to host a little brunch (not that kind of brunch, the actual kind) to start your weekend in style. Play some of my table games to get the party going. It's got that perfect feminine vibe that you know the stars of your favourite chick flicks would just love.

General Activities


It's an all-around wholesome day out and, while you're thinking it sounds a lot like your 12th birthday party, 12-year-old you knew what was fun. Most major malls will have all three of the above in close proximity to each other, so you can treat yourself to a whole day of the kind of stuff you did for fun as a kid, before heading back to indulge in the ultimate sleepover. The only thing that's changed is the drinks you serve and your Mum isn’t giving you a bedtime curfew (hopefully).

Bringing the Fun to You (Dubai)

Rent 'slumber party' tents

Have you seen these epic sleepover parties that kids seem to be having these days*? No more pillow forts and random assortments of blankets. No Sir. Now, they get these awesome tent setups which are just the coolest thing ever. Jealous? Too right you are. Lucky for you Count to Tent will provide these amazing tent setups.  I mean, yes, these tents are technically designed for kids and your head may stick out the top, but the mattresses are adult single size so you will fit nicely!

*Where were all these Pinterest mums when we were kids, am I right?

Bringing the Fun to You (General)

Rent Arcade/Carnival Games

You’d be surprised at the number of local arcade rental companies that have a great range of fun stuff that you can hire out to add a vintage touch vibe to your apartment or garden. You can go big with an air hockey table or a coconut shy, or a little more low-key classic with a Pinball machine or even just a Giant Jenga.

Staying In

Pamper Session

Get out the facemasks and put those slippered feet up.  Sometimes all it takes to really transport yourselves to the spa is the right music, and some cheap and easy treatments like shop bought facemasks and nail polish. Warn the attendees in advance to bring their dressing gowns, or even better if you have the budget, get some pretty monogrammed robes and give them to everyone as a gift that they can take home!

Other Touches

Food & Drink

The first rule of the sleepover is to have as many childhood snacks and indulgences as possible. However, I would also recommend having a look at the Casual Bride category for easy meal options that don’t revolve entirely around sugar.


    So, decorating for your sleepover depends entirely on how extra you want to be in your delivery of the theme. The essential idea though is to include soft and plush surfaces in as many ways as you can. This means blankets, pillows, sleeping bags and throws galore. If you aren’t going with a particular colour scheme, get everyone to bring anything they have at home to keep the costs down.


    Set up your own little photo booth with a DIY backdrop and some fun props like these, these, or these and get snapping! Or, if you’re in Dubai, I'd be happy to do all the photography work for you! check out my other site www.shotsbysherrie.com for examples of my work or drop me a line!

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