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The OG Bride

This category is your starting point for all things typically Hen or “Bachelorette” for my American friends. If you want the traditional Hen-do with pink feathers, L plates and male appendages galore, then stick around and read my suggestions for a classic Hen weekend.  As I am based in the UAE, I’ve had to be smart in my efforts to talk about the normal Hen ‘theme’, if you will. However, hopefully, if you open the documents and associated links, you will still find everything you are looking for in that department (nudge nudge, wink wink). IF YOU ARE ALSO IN THE UAE then please be careful and don’t be purchasing things or engaging in activities or using props in public that will get you in trouble. Cool? Disclaimer done. ON TO FUN.



Dubai is famous for a lot of things, but brunching is one of the biggest. This city isn’t short of brunches to choose from, and what kind of brunch you go to depends entirely on what kind of vibe you want. However, any of the brunches from party masters Secret Parties are always a safe bet for an epic event. Other  classic party brunches include STK JBR,  Wanderlust or Mr Miyagis. Other party brunch suggestions can be found here, and if party brunches maybe aren’t your thing, here is a pretty comprehensive list of all the best brunches Dubai has to offer.


Attend a class

Do some research in your local area and find some sort of class that catches your eye! Make up some prize certificates in advance and make sure that the instructors know that you are a party and are able to plan some fun activities into the class. There are so many options that I literally had to create a document for you to peruse. Just google search any options that catch your eye and see where your nearest lessons are.

Bringing the Fun to You in Dubai

Makeover and Photoshoot

If you don't fancy heading out to a salon, enjoy a full-on make-over from the comforts of home by hiring one of my recommended beauty artists. Get the Girl Power playlist on the go and get glammed up. In order to celebrate your beauty, I can come and capture you all in your own private photoshoot! Just contact me to book

Bringing the Fun to You 

At home massage

If a spa day is too out of the way and you guys want to make the most of staying in, invite a mobile massage therapist (or two, depending on numbers) to give out short treatments. If you turn the apartment/ villa into a proper DIY spa then this is a great activity that everyone can enjoy.

Staying In

Before we start: Game playing styles

Below is a fairly comprehensive list of classic Bachelorette games*. There are of course many ways to play these games depending on the number of people you have. If you are playing these games independently from each other, then you can do it so that everyone plays individually. However, my most recommended method is to split the whole group into teams and run a few of these activities together as a kind of relay.

*If you aren't seeing many games, Get the Toolkit to unlock the full version of the site

  1. Give each team a colour
  2. Create something that is wearable (lei, badge, lanyard, hat, these hilarious ‘necklaces’ etc) in each team’s colour*
  3. When the representative for each team steps up to take part in the game, they then wear said item.
  4. You can make the whole team take part in the game by getting the chosen player to pass on the item to the next person in their team when their turn is over.

*Do this in advance of the weekend, obviously. As soon as you have final numbers you will know how many teams you will have

This is a fun way to tie a team together and create more of a feeling of belonging, it also helps you keep track of scores when lots of people are playing together.

I’d recommend choosing the teams at random by just allocating numbers around the room. This way, if there are people that don’t know each other yet, it’s a good chance to bond.

Bra Pong

Beer pong is fine and all, but it tends to say ‘Frat party’ over ‘Hen weekend’. SO, of course, the alternative is getting bras involved. Source a decent sized board, paint it snazzy colours, get some cheap or no longer loved bras, cut the straps off and hot glue them to your board. Test it out first and then come up with a scoring system depending on difficulty. Smaller cup sizes are more challenging than bigger ones and the bras at the bottom catch more balls than the ones in the middle. The chosen team member stands on a marked position and tries to throw ping pong balls into the cups, the rest of the team scrambles to pick up any balls that miss. Score as much as you can in one minute! Helpful hints: Depending on the design of your board, placing it on a chair usually makes life easier than placing it onto the floor. If playing indoors, clear a space and use pillows or clothing to create a barrier that will stop the balls rolling underneath furniture, losing precious time.

Put a ring on it

The family-friendly version of this game involves using skewers to pick up ring-shaped sweets (party rings, gummy rings etc) and either stack them up on the skewer or move them from a bowl to a plate using only your mouth. As many as you can in 30 seconds or 1 minute (depending on how many you get/ the size of the bowl etc). Now that’s all fine, but this is a Hen weekend so really, what you absolutely have to use instead of skewers, is p*nis-shaped straws. With the p*nis end firmly in your mouth and your hands behind your back. I can personally vouch for how hilarious it is when Aunt Janice can’t pick up anything because she is beside herself with embarrassed laughter.

Other Touches

Before you go any further, you should know that most of the suggestions from here on out are going to be themed on the male anatomy and being generally filthy and rude. So, if you’d like to get some ideas that are a little less ‘in your face’, then please browse all of the many other themes and categories on the site.

Food & Drink

You would be AMAZED at the number of phallic shaped foods there are once you really start to think about it. From the obvious chocolate covered bananas and literally anything involving hotdogs, to the more subtle corn on the cob, particularly these ones covered in all sorts.  Corndogs, mozzarella sticks and even roasted carrots, despite looking a little depressing and er… skinny, will still add to the overall effect when served with a whole bunch of similarly shaped foods. The same applies to things like these sausage stuffed zucchini boats, and even these ham wrapped asparagus*. You can also chop a strawberry in half, put a banana piece in the middle, stick the whole thing on a skewer et voila!
*Asparagi? Aparagusses?



Let’s take a short sausage break for the moment and deal with the usual décor that you might expect. Your standard decorations will usually include one of the following phrases: “Bride to Be”, “She said Yes”, “Miss to Mrs”, “Bride Tribe”, “I Do Crew”, “Team Bride”, “Last Fling before the Ring” or even the wordy “Pop the champagne she’s changing her name". Which variation you choose is up to you but usually, you can purchase banners, balloons, banners made of balloons, cups and even plates and napkins with these printed on them in traditionally “girly’ colours. The easiest way to do it is to find a Hen/ Bachelorette party supply store either online or near you and just buy everything in the one place.



    First things first, The B2B. Traditionally, you need to make sure she is totally decked out in her Tiara (bonus points if it’s a rude one), her sash, L plate and her feather boa. Now, fair enough she may not want to wear ALL of these things, so you can pick and choose which ones you think suit her best.


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