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80's Theme

Bruce Springsteen? Madonna? Legwarmers and sweatbands? Yes, it’s the 80s’! This is an absolute classic theme for a reason. So much more than sticking on some bright jewellery and a tutu, here you can find the best ways to have a totally radical 80s’ do from start to finish.

Local Activites (Dubai)

80's Club Night

As far as club nights go in Dubai, you are spoiled for choice. However, to stay on theme I would definitely recommend jamming along to some classic '80s and 90's bops at of these themed nights.

  • Sho Cho 80’s Sundays
  • What the Funk Mondays at Five the Palm
  • Tropicana 80's & 90's Wednesdays at Barasti offer free flow BBQ and house drinks by the pool (205 for gents and 105 for ladies!)

General Activities

Find a Vintage Arcade

While you are probably surrounded with regular, modern arcades wherever you are, what you really want is to find a hidden gem like Flipside in Tennessee, USA or the whole third floor of Arcade Club in Manchester, UK.

Bringing the Fun to You (Dubai)

Makeover & Photoshoot

If you don’t fancy heading out to a salon, enjoy a full-on 80’s glam make-over from the comforts of home by hiring one of my recommended Beauty artists. In order to celebrate your retro look, I can come and capture you all in your own private photoshoot! Just contact me to arrange.

Bringing the Fun to You (General)

Rent Retro Arcade Games

You’d be surprised at the number of local arcade rental companies that have a great range of fun stuff that you can hire out to add that totally rad arcade vibe to your apartment. You can go big with an air hockey table or a Pac- man machine or a little more low-key classic with a pinball machine

Staying In

Host a 'Tupperware Party'

If you have no idea what a Tupperware party is then first, why are you having an 80’s theme? You are clearly too young. Second, stop everything and watch this incredible*, fantastically 80’s advert to demonstrate. Yes, the Tupperware party was the humble beginning of the many pyramid schemes we know and love today. Now, I don't expect you to actually sign up to become an official host**, however, you can have a really fun fake version by asking all of your guests to bring some Tupperware from home and do a fake presentation to the group just for a laugh. 

*Chips keep chipp-ier is a personal favourite.

**Yes, I sh*t you not, these parties are still a thing in some places.

Other Touches

Food & Drink

The first rule of 80’s anything is to have neon in as many places as possible. This covers food too. From neon glitter strawberries and neon popcorn (using colour mist sprays). If you can dye it bright neon colours you can make it 80’s. Here is a list of neon foods to inspire you.


    The aesthetic for an 80’s party, if you haven’t clocked this already, is quite simply everything neon. From balloons to garlands, pom-poms to wall hangings. If it’s neon pink, orange, green or yellow, it works.


    Set up your own little photo booth with a DIY backdrop like this, this checkered one or this (If you don’t think tinsel is 80’s, have a look at this). Add some fun props like these, or these as well as a fun rickroll* frame or better yet, a polaroid frame. Pick up a bright and colourful wig like this or this, some neon costume jewellery and classic shutter shades to complete the lewk. Or, if you’re’ in Dubai, I will do all the photography work for you. Just get in touch!

    *If you have never been rickrolled, here you go: *Ahem* "Something really interesting and relevant to you can be found by clicking here…”

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