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The Party Bride

Is the B2B a party animal? Is she the type that will turn anything into a drinking game and loves following where the night takes her? If getting drunk and dancing the night away sounds like the perfect plan, then these activities are sure to help you all party those little socks off. Make it a weekend to remember. Or not remember. But DO remember to drink responsibly! (Or at least don’t blame me if you choose not to)


Party Brunch

Dubai is famous for a lot of things, but brunching is one of the biggest. This city isn’t short of brunches to choose from, and what kind of brunch you go to depends entirely on what kind of vibe you want. However, any of the brunches from party masters Secret Parties are always a safe bet for an epic event. Other  classic party brunches include STK JBR,  Wanderlust or Mr Miyagis. Other party brunch suggestions can be found here, and if party brunches maybe aren’t your thing, here is a pretty comprehensive list of all the best brunches Dubai has to offer.


Makeover day at a salon

Proper Preparation Prevents P*ss Poor Partying. That’s how it goes. So, do some research into local salons. Ideally, ones where loads of you can have your hair / make up / nails done all together so no one is sitting doing nothing. Inform them in advance that you are a Hen party and see if they can put together anything special for you. Whether that’s a package that follows a particular theme, or even just a little touch like putting on a playlist that includes your B2B’s favourite songs.  Also, make sure to clarify if there will be alcohol provided in this package and if not, can you bring your own?

Bringing the Fun to You in Dubai

Makeover and photoshoot

If you don't fancy heading out to a salon, enjoy a full-on make-over from the comforts of home by hiring one of my recommended beauty artists. Get the Girl Power playlist on the go and get glammed up. In order to celebrate your beauty, I can come and capture you all in your own private photoshoot! 

Bringing the Fun to You 

Cocktail masterclass

Whether you’re a Cosmo gal or more of a Godfather, hiring a master bartender to show you the ropes is a really fun group activity – with the bonus of drinking! What could be better? Have a look in your local area and if there aren't any ready-made classes or workshops available to come to you, then you can reach out to local bars or friends in the bartender community to see if they would be willing to put something together for you.

Staying In

Party Games

  • Truth or Dare

THE party game of your youth. If at least one member of your group didn’t have their first kiss as a result of this game then quite frankly I don’t believe any of them. Go around the circle, ask someone if they’d rather truth or dare and then ask them a question or give them a dare to do. Be creative and try to get some dare suggestions beforehand from your B2B’s other half and the guests. If someone refuses to do the truth or the dare, they must do a shot instead. If you want to be really cruel (like my bridesmaids were to me), then you can all gang up on the B2B and ask her the ‘Hard Truths’ from my Truth or Dare list. When she refuses to answer (which, unless she’s got a heart of stone or balls of steel, she will) she must do a dare or a specially designed forfeit. Highlights of mine were eating maggot covered strawberries and biting into a raw pepper (which I hate more than anything else on earth). Of course, if she refuses that too then she must do a shot.

Drinking Games

If your B2B is really a party bride, then I’m sure I don’t have to explain to you that drinking games are an excellent activity on their own, or as a precursor to a night out on the town. I'm sure you will have a selection of games already in your repertoire, but just in case you don't. Here are some suggestions. I will remind you all to drink RESPONSIBLY. Don't come crying to me if you went too hard. Know your limits folks.

  • Ring of fire (Kings)

Possibly the most famous of the drinking games. All you need is alcohol, friends and a pack of cards. Different people have different rules and interpretations, but Wikipedia has a decent list of rules, with variations.

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Other Touches

The “Glam Bride” Category also has lots of suggestions that would suit a Party bride, but here’s some more anyway!

Food & Drink

Okay, you may have gathered by now that my interpretation of “party” revolves around alcohol. So, you must make sure you are properly prepared on that front. I would highly recommend having a Facebook page dedicated to the weekend (that the B2B is not a part of). If you want to have a fully stocked bar for cocktails, on that page, create a poll of spirits/ mixers that people can choose to tick off that they will bring (e.g ‘Vodka x1 and Orange Juice x4’). Depending on how many people you have coming and what cocktails the B2B likes, you might need to make more than one option per drink. For example, that Vodka example above might be listed 2 or 3 times if you’re planning a lot of vodka-based cocktails. Now, I will warn you that people will probably complain and want to just bring gin or wine or whatever and this will seem pedantic to them. But stick to your guns, because if you leave it at simply “BYOB” then you’ll end up with 10 bottles of gin, 5 bottles of wine the B2B doesn’t even like and absolutely no interesting cocktail ingredients. This way, you can ask for specific things like Grenadine, Blue Curaçao and Triple Sec. Which everyone will thank you for when they realise that they have custom made cocktail cards. Check out my blog on the benefits of a Facebook event page to see an example of this in action.



A party is not a party without the proper decorations. Whether it’s balloons or banners, signs or bunting, appropriate décor is a must. It’s much easier to choose décor that suits when you have a theme that you are running with. For traditional Hen party décor, head over to the OG Bride category.



    They say the sign of a good party is that you can’t remember much of it. So, if that is you or your B2B’s philosophy, then make sure you all take lots and lots of video and get an aftermovie made of your whole weekend. Contact me if this is something that you'd like me to do for you. I didn’t make this one but it’s a great example of how some phone videos can be put together into something magical that celebrates the weekend.

    *Compiling the movie, not taking the video. That’s on you.

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