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Mermaid Theme

If you haven’t seen at least one Mermaid themed item recently, then where have you been?! It’s a hugely popular trend because, besides the stunning pastels and holographic aesthetic, who doesn’t want to be an IRL Mermaid? No one, duh. So if you want to throw a totally wonderful Mermaid themed do, then look no further.

Local Activites (Dubai)

Visit a Water Park

It goes without saying that Mermaids love water, so filling your weekend with water-based activities makes total sense. For a fun-filled day, get on some matching Mermaid swimwear like these , these, or these and flip flops like these, and head on down to Wild Wadi Waterpark or Aquaventure at Atlantis and spend the day frolicking about in the wave pool, racing each other on the water slides, or literally just sunbathing if that’s your thing. Tickets for both start at under 300aed.

General Activities

Makeover day at a salon

Do some research into local salons who can provide you with some Mermaid inspired hair and make-up (ideally ones where loads of you can have your hair/makeup/ nails done together so no one is sitting doing nothing.) Inform them in advance of your theme and have a look at some inspiration to help guide the stylists. You could go for a subtle Mermaid eye, or you could go all out and really channel that inner Mermaid.  Any blonde members of your party will be lucky enough to get decent results from temporary colourful hair sprays and chalks, but unfortunately, it doesn't work so well for brunettes, but glitter does!

Bringing the Fun to You (Dubai)

Make your own Mermaid crowns

You cannot possibly feel like the princesses of the sea that you are until you have a crown to prove it. If you don’t fancy forging your own DIY path, then Meredith over at the always wonderful Turquoise Boutique is here to help. She can host a workshop at your venue, where she will show you how to build yourselves some stunning marine-inspired tiaras to wear out on the town later, or just take home to look at and post selfies in, captioned “I made this!!”

Bringing the Fun to You (General)

Singing lessons

Mermaids are known as sirens of the sea not just because of their beauty, but for their famously haunting and hypnotic voices. Well, why not have a go at tuning up the old vocal cords and hire a singing instructor to help develop you lot into a perfect choir of voices that could lure a sailor to his death... or make him jump to it… Regardless of the end result, it's a great activity for the whole group and is sure to be a fun way to pass some time without having to leave the apartment.

Staying In

Tutorial Time

Many of us have fallen victim to the ‘harder than it looks’  YouTube tutorial. So what better way to harness that disappointment than turn it into a contest! Either in teams or individually, assign people one or more Mermaid makeup or hair tutorials that they must try to replicate. You can choose to either let people follow along with the tutorial or if you're feeling mean, make them watch it in full once, then replicate it from memory. It's a good idea to host it as a sort of league, with different levels of difficulty for those who apply a contour daily and those who haven't worn make up ever. As well as everything in between. Make sure you challenge everyone, without making anyone feel totally left out.

Other Touches

Food & Drink

The first rule of Mermaid anything is to have a beautiful rainbow of pastel colours in as many places as possible. This covers food too. From Mermaid toast to Mermaid macarons and Mermaid ice cream. Mermaid popcorn to Mermaid Mayo and even Mermaid pasta! If you can dye it pastel colours then you can make it Mermaid.


    The aesthetic for a Mermaid party is pretty simple and very similar to the Unicorn theme. Pastel blues and purples, and holographic EVERYTHING. From balloons to garlands, pom poms to bunting. If it shimmers or is a pretty pastel, it works. You can actually find a surprising amount of pretty and not too childish décor here.


    To really bring the weekend together and help all your Mermaids understand what the plans are, get my custom-made programme and that details your weekend and provides your guests with all the information they will need to know. I would specifically recommend these cute AF turtle lanyards to go with them too.

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