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The Active Bride

Is the B2B an adrenaline junkie? Or does she just love to get out and about? If you have an active bride who would hate the idea of a hen weekend sitting about an apartment or lying in the pool at a hotel spa, then this is category for you. It's important to try and cater to the needs of the whole party as well as the bride, so remember to think about who is attending and what activities would be reasonable. There are also a few options that you can send the bride on alone, or with a few brave friends, whilst you all cheer her on of course.


Visit a Waterpark

Get on some matching swimwear and flip flops and head on down to Wild Wadi Waterpark or Aquaventre at Atlantis and spend the day frolicking about in the wave pool, racing each other on the water slides, or literally just sunbathing if that’s your thing. Tickets for both start at under 300aed.

Drop slide in Aquaventure Dubai running through shark tank  - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Active Bride
Speedboat pulling windsurfers in front of the Dubai Skyline - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Active Bride

Water Sports at JBR

I am OF COURSE talking about fun water-based activities such as Jet skiing and parasailing. Obviously. Down at Sea breeze, part of “The Beach at JBR”, they have a great list of water-based activities you can take part in. Ideal for the active bride. Don't worry though, they also have some great deals on sun loungers for the members of the team who would rather observe from a distance with a cocktail in hand. Sunbeds start at 110aed and the sports themselves range from 100aed to 800aed depending on what you want to do.

Splash Around at Aqua Park Dubai

There’s also the fantastic Dubai Aqua Park for hours* of inflatable fun in the water. Remember those obstacle courses that used to come to the local swimming pool once a week in the summer if you were lucky? Like that except now, it's really hard for some reason**. Tickets are 150aed each or 110aed for groups of four or more.

*More likely to be minutes…

**You old.

Overhead view of Aqua Park Dubai -- Bachelorette Party Activities for the Active Bride


Attend a class

Do some research in your local area and find some sort of class that your active bride would love! Make up some prize certificates (or I could make it for you) in advance and make sure that the instructors know that you are a party and are able to work some fun activities into the class. There are so many options that I literally had to create a document for you to peruse. Just google search any options that catch your eye and see where your nearest lessons are.

Woman Pole Dancing - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Active Bride
Women jumping in and out of tyres in sportswear Bachelorette Party Activities for the Active Bride

Military Bootcamp

A must have for any truly active brides. Whip yourselves into shape and burn off some of those party snack calories. No time to admire the soldier eye candy, they’ll be too busy making you scale walls and run through tyres. Get right into the theme by dressing up and getting into camo mode.


Ultimate thrills, minimum effort. Ziplining is growing in popularity and for good reason. Depending on what’s available where you are, you might be able to find anything from a face-melting speed flight across a quarry, to a full aerial canopy tour.

Woman smiling from zipline over treetop canopy - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Active Bride

Bringing the Fun to You in Dubai

Portrait of PT Jen Towers - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Active Bride

Group workout session with Jen Towers

Now I know that the idea of group exercise might fill you with dread, but if your  actie bride would love this idea, then it’s worth doing. I can personally vouch for this activity as I have done a group session with Jen before when my friends have visited me here in Dubai. Not only do you get all the feel-good endorphins from the workout, but you also get to have that extra drink later with zero guilt! Jen is a really friendly trainer and is excellent at creating a circuit that is fun and challenging but matches the skill level of the group.

Bringing the Fun to You 

Hire a local 'Activity' instructor

Whether you fancy a private Pilates session, a quick lesson in karate, or an energy-packed Zumba danceathon, reach out to local instructors in your area and (if your apartment/villa has enough space), ask them if you can hire them for a class! You can make up some prize certificates (or I could make them for you) in advance like “Super stretchy” "Undercover Bruce Lee" or “Two left feet”.

 Yoga instructor helps a class  - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Active Bride

Staying In

People playing twister - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Active Bride

Play a card/board game that involves movement

If you don’t really have the space for a relay, and you are stuck indoors due to weather, there are still some excellent card and board games that involve a little movement and so might appeal to an active bride. Cranium is a classic choice because it involves an acting section, although I personally prefer Cranium Dark as it's a little more inappropriate (which is code for entertaining and hilarious). There's also the very kid-friendly “I can do that” card game by Dr Seuss. Of course, you can liven it up with some timers, drinking game rules, forfeits and the likes. Twister is also another classic, although if you want to go classic Hen I would definitely recommend the “rude” version for extra laughs.

Musical Gangbangs

It always surprises me how quickly people get tired and sweaty during this game. A simple concept, Hens must partner up and dance. When the music stops they must get into a sex position and hold it. If they move, they’re out!

Four couple from love island in different sexual positions (dressed) -Bachelorette Party Activities for the Active Bride

Other Touches

Food & Drink

If you are providing food for the weekend, make sure you have plenty of healthy options to suit your active bride and her tastes. Depending on the gorup, you might also want some vegan and gluten-free options to cater to everyone

Three colourful fruit smoothies - Bachelorette Party Food  for the Active Bride
Hula hoops lying on grass - Bachelorette Party Decor for the Active Bride


Remember that even though your bride may be active, not all of your guests will be, so have things available that will suit a wide range of abilities so these folks don't feel left out of the fun.


While my standard Hen Playlists seem to suit most parties, if you are doing some physical games to suit your active bride,  or just want to get the room pumped, then I’d recommend this “You can do it” playlist

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Selection of clear sports bottles customised with names - Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Active Bride

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