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James Bond Theme

 This theme is the perfect combination of high adrenaline action and outright class. If you have a B2B that has the passion for action of Bond, with the style and allure of a Bond girl, then throw her a party to suit.

Local Activites (Dubai)

Go for afternoon tea

Starting off with an absolute British classic, and in Dubai, you are spoiled for choice! Some of the best afternoon teas in the city can be found in the Ritz-Carlton JBR, Raffles Salon, Al Fayrooz, or the Palace Downtown. If you’re feeling particularly flush, then indulge in one of the teas at the Burj al Arab. Which range from 430 – 650aed per person.

General Activities

Visit the casino

Is it even Bond if there’s not a casino at some point? A night in the casino could mean that you earn back everything you’ve spent on the weekend so far… or it could quite literally break the bank*. But hey, you guys will have a blast getting dressed up to the nines and pretending you’re extras in Casino Royale all night.

*Make sure to check if anyone in the party has any history of gambling issues, just to be safe!

Bringing the Fun to You (Dubai)

Makeover & Photoshoot

If you need a little help releasing your inner Bond girl, then hire one of my recommended Beauty artists. In order to celebrate your brand – new, movie starlet look, I can come and capture you all in your own private photoshoot! Just reach out to me to book 

Bringing the Fun to You (General)

Hire a string quartet

Nothing quite sets the mood like a string quartet! If you are planning on hosting a tea party in the flat or doing an activity that's not particularly active, this little touch really adds a "Wow" factor to the weekend, sure to impress even the most difficult of Mothers-in-law. Get them to play a medley of Bond themes throughout the evening to really tie the theme in.

Staying In

Poker Night/Dare Poker

Bring the casino to you with an at-home poker kit. If you aren't familiar with the game, this article does a great job of explaining it all. 

What you decide to bet with is entirely up to you. However, to remind everyone that this is, in fact, a Hen party, you could play Dare Poker instead.

Each person writes down 10 different dares on slips of paper. Instead of playing with chips, you play with dares. You read out your dare before adding it to the pile in the centre of the table. There is still a “blind” slip that goes around the group, So, there is always at least one dare on the table. At the end of each round, the last person standing gets to collect the dares on the table and enforce them as they see fit. So be careful! Writing a particularly gross dare might be funny until the winner decides to give it back to you to do. Once those dares have been done, discard them and start a new round. If no one wins that round because everyone folded, then all the dares stay on the table. Keep track of the winners of each round until all the dares are gone. The person who won the most rounds wins the game! If someone outright refuses to do a dare then they must do a shot instead.

Other Touches

Food & Drink

We will be going pretty literal with the theme here, so if you want some inspiration for generally sophisticated food that would fit in at a James Bond party, check out the food listed under the Classy, Glam or Break the Bank Bride categories, or the Gatsby theme.


    The Gatsby theme has a lot of décor suggestions that would fit in very nicely with the Bond theme, so make sure to check that out as well as what’s written here.


    Set up your own little photo booth with a DIY sparkly backdrop, or set up a DIY pipe backdrop to then swag with red and gold/ black fabric. Pick up some fun props like these, or these, and get snapping! If you’re in Dubai, I'd be happy to do all the photography work for you! check out my other site www.shotsbysherrie.com for examples of my work or drop me a line!

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