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Gatsby Theme

Was your B2B born in the wrong era? Is she more into flappers than influencers and the Charleston over Flossing? Do you want to relive the glory days of the 1920s but without all that pesky crime, rampant sexism and general discrimination? Don't sweat it, Babydoll, I gotcha covered. Read on for suggestions on how to throw a party that would make Gatsby himself proud.

Local Activites (Dubai)

1920's Themed Brunch

There’s nothing I love more than a themed brunch, and luckily there are a few that will make you feel right at home when you’re all dolled up as a 20’s flapper girl.

General Activities

Find a speakeasy bar

Speakeasies are the ultimate 1920's phenomenon, but they are also a very cool trend that a lot of major cities have caught on to. Thankfully the invention of the internet has made it much easier to find them these days. Here is a cool list of some of the best speakeasies in the world, but if none of these are near you, have a quick google and I’ve no doubt you’ll find something you didn’t know existed.

Bringing the Fun to You (Dubai)

Makeover & Photoshoot

If you don’t fancy heading out to a salon, enjoy a full-on 1920’s makeover from the comforts of home by hiring one of my recommended Beauty artists. You could go traditional Bachelorette with my Girl Power playlist, or you could really immerse yourself in the 1920’s fantasy by putting on my Gatsby – Powder room playlist. Listen to the female icons of the 1920s as they croon empowering lyrics and romantic melodies. In order to celebrate your new vintage beauty, I can come and capture you all in your own private photoshoot! Just contact me and we can arrange it from there.  


Bringing the Fun to You (General)

Cocktail Masterclass

A Side Car, a Godfather, a Gin Rickey, a Bee's Knees. If, like me, you know that these sound cool in an old-timey voice but have no idea what's in them, then why not learn? Cocktail masterclasses are a fun group activity with the bonus of drinking. What could be better? Have a look in your local area and if there aren't any ready-made classes or workshops available to come to you, then you can reach out to local bars or friends in the bartender community to see if they would be willing to put something together for you to go to them.

Staying In

Tutorial Time

Many of us have fallen victim to the ‘harder than it looks’ YouTube tutorial. So what better way to harness that disappointment than turn it into a contest! Either in teams or individually, assign people one or more 1920’s makeup or hair tutorials that they must try to replicate. You can choose to either let people follow along with the tutorial or if you’re feeling mean, make them watch it in full once, then replicate it from memory. It’s a good idea to host it as a sort of league, with different levels of difficulty for those who apply a contour daily and those who haven’t worn make up ever. As well as everything in between. Make sure you challenge everyone, without making anyone feel totally left out.

Other Touches

Food & Drink

Gatsby was the tip-top of glamour and sophistication, so you will probably find a lot of the general food suggestions over in the Classy Bride or Glam Bride categories will suit your party theme pretty well. Or go full Gatsby and check out the Break the Bank category if money is no object.


    The aesthetic for a Gatsby party is simple. Black and Gold EVERYTHING. From balloons to banners, pom poms to bunting, table linens to cutlery. If it’s black or gold, it works.


    To really bring the weekend together like a swanky party, check out my custom-made programme and lanyards that detail your weekend and provides your guests with all the information they will need to know for the events taking place. I would specifically recommend these beautiful black and gold lanyards to go with them too.

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