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Royalty Theme

Is your B2B about to marry a handsome prince / beautiful princess? Or better yet, is she a Queen in her own right and deserves to be celebrated as such? Too right. So why not throw a themed weekend that’s fit for royalty.

Local Activites (Dubai)

Etiquette Lessons

The absolute epitome of a classy activity. If you weren’t fit to mingle with royalty when you started, you certainly will be after you attend a class at the Institute of modern etiquette.  Feel like a real-life Princess in training as you are taught how to put your best foot forward and be the height of grace in any situation.

General Activities

Jewellery Making Workshop

This is a lovely idea because everyone gets a little keepsake to take away from the weekend. This seemingly niche activity is more popular than you think and is something probably offered by a few local artisans near you. Contact local art fairs and see if they have any useful information that Google doesn’t.

Bringing the Fun to You (Dubai)

Makeover and Photoshoot

If you need a little help releasing the inner Queen, then hire one of my recommended Beauty artists. In order to celebrate your brand – new, regal AF look, I can come and capture you all in your own private photoshoot! I'd be happy to do all the photography work for you! check out my other site www.shotsbysherrie.com for examples of my work or drop me a line!

Bringing the Fun to You (General)

Hire a String Quartet

Nothing quite sets the mood like a string quartet! It may seem a little OTT, but not for Royalty darling. If you are planning on hosting a tea party in the flat or doing an activity that's not particularly active, this little touch really adds a "Wow" factor to the weekend, sure to impress even the most difficult of Mothers-in-law.

Staying In

Have a bake-off!

Think you could make a cake fit for a Queen? Even if you are not a fan of the Great British Bake off *gasp*. This is still a really fun way to spend an afternoon. Now, unless you happen to be hosting the weekend in an industrial kitchen, there are two ways you can do this. You can set a challenge that is relatively quick – baking (like cupcakes) and have people bake the item individually throughout the day. In this scenario, the B2B has to taste and score each item after it's completed, so that there's no time advantage to anyone. Alternatively, you split the room into two teams and you challenge them to create something that will fit in one drawer of the oven so that they both cook at the same time. It’s important that you swap the top and bottom bakes half way through so no one can argue an advantage either way.

Other Touches

Food & Drink

Since you are feeding temporary Royalty, you will want to serve food fit for kings and queens. We will be going pretty literal with the royal theme here, so If you want to inspiration for generally sophisticated food, check out the food listed under the Classy or Break the Bank bride categories, or the Gatsby theme.


    There are two directions you can go for doing Royal Décor. You could focus on the British garden/tea party aspect, with lace doilies and vintage teacups etc. Or, you focus on opulence darling. As much gold as you can find, deep velvet reds or purples, or royal blue as far as the eye can see. As this is what “Royal” means to me, that’s what I am going to focus on here.


    Set up your own little photo booth with a DIY sparkly backdrop/. Alternatively, you could set up a DIY pipe backdrop to then swag with fabric or save all the fuss and get a pre-made royal backdrop. Pick up some fun props like these, these, or these, get a sceptre, some actual crowns and a robe or two and get snapping! Bonus points if you have these king and queen card cut-outs.

    If you’re in Dubai, I'd be happy to do all the photography work for you! check out my other site www.shotsbysherrie.com for examples of my work or drop me a line!


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