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The Musical Bride

Is the B2B a musical prodigy? Does she turn to music to help her through tough times or maybe she’s a secret shower superstar? Whether she’s a seasoned Broadway performer, a car karaoke master or an air guitar legend, there’s bound to be something here that will fill her heart with joyous music.


Go to a Concert

Dubai nightlife always has something to offer in the way of a good gig. Whether it’s a major artist like Ed Sheeran or J – Lo. Or old school favourites like the Vengaboys or Enrique Iglesias, there is bound to be something happening around the time of the Bachelorette weekend that your musical B2B would be keen to attend. Check out What’s On in the coming months.


Catch a show at the theatre

Not all of us are lucky enough to live near ACTUAL Broadway, but there aren't many cities and towns without a theatre that puts on their renditions of classic and modern musicals alike. If you can find a well – known sing-along show (like Mamma Mia or Grease) that will keep most of your group happy, that's great. However, if they are only showing Les Mis and that's your B2B's jam, then just pack your tissues and tell anyone who complains to suck it up and enjoy it for the Bride's sake.

Bringing the Fun to You in Dubai

Hire a local musician/band

Whether you scope them out from a local open mic night or reach out on one of Dubai's many Facebook or meetup groups, there will be someone in this city who is willing to come and serenade your group for an hour or so. If your B2B has a favourite genre, style, or even a particular Dubai based artist, do your research on social media or take out the Fairy Hen Mother package and I can reach out to my network to help you find the right performer.

Bringing the Fun to You 

Singing lesson

‘Musical’ might not necessarily mean ‘vocally talented’ per se, but hey it could! Whether your B2B is a ballad queen or a strictly in-the-shower singer, a singing lesson is a really fun way to turn your crew into its own little choir! Reach out to your local community and see if there are any vocal coaches or choirmasters who can put together a fun afternoon at home for you guys.

Staying In

Name that tune

A classic that can be played in many formats. You could read out some obscure lyrics from a song, facts about the song/ artist etc or, most popular, play the first 5 – 10 seconds (as long as the title isn't mentioned). The person playing then has to name the song within a certain time limit (10 -30 seconds is usually fine if there’s no conferring). It’s up to you if you want to add in additional rules such as allowing the intro to be played 3 times. You can also do it like a pub quiz where everyone has to write down their answers as you go through different rounds, or individually where each person/ team gets a song that they have to guess before you move on to the next. I'd also recommend a ‘mastermind' type round for the B2B. Let her choose a category that she's confident in, and then give her a whole round of intros in that category. If you need Category inspiration you could check out the following lists; 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s. Power Ballads, Christmas songs, Disney, From the Movies,  Karaoke Classics and Guilty pleasures.  Remember to try and cater to the whole room, as not everyone’s musical tastes will be the same. Here’s a little scoresheet to help you keep track.

*Bonus round. For laughs, take turns having one person from each team take a mouthful of water and try to hum their teammates a song to guess. Hilarity ensues when the rest of the room is laughing and said person ends up spitting water everywhere.

Other Touches

These little touches will vary quite a bit depending on what kind of “musical” your B2B is. So be sure to check out my Festival and Gatsby themes for more ideas. However, I’ve tried to break this section down into “Music” and “Theatre” themes in the hopes it will cover your B2B’s style.

Food & Drink

There are several ways to include “musical” themed food and drink. Firstly, you can go for foods that look like instruments. For example, these xylophone biscuits are so cute! You can also do microphone cupcake cones, chocolate keyboards, liquorice records and marshmallow drumsticks. Go ahead and create an edible percussion section!



Step one, go mad with sheet music décor. From garlands and bunting to hanging hearts, and even decorative lettering spelling out your B2B’s name or initials. Go hard or go home with this one friends.


    Theatre/Opera Food & Drink

    To capture that ‘Theatre’ feel, set up a concession stand with a selection of snacks and popcorn. Just like this one from someone's movie-themed tenth birthday. You should definitely include these ‘Red Carpet ropes’ and if you can, set up a mini fridge and have ice cream miniatures too!


    Theatre/Opera Decor

    It's not the opera or the theatre without black and red, with perhaps a touch of gold here and there for that opulent flair. Stick to this palette throughout all of your décor and you can't really go wrong. Tablecloths, plates, balloons, garlands and confetti will all tie into your theme as long as you pick from this colour scheme. Roses and feathers are also recommended if you’ve got the budget.



      Set up your own little photo booth with on-theme colours in a DIY backdrop and some generic theatre props. Or, if you’re’ in Dubai, I can do all the photography work for you. Check out my work on www.shotsbysherrie.com and drop me a message!

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