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The Break The Bank Bride

This category is for those who don't just wish for a luxury hen do, but who are lucky enough to actually afford it! If you want this Bachelorette weekend to be celebrity-levels of spending, if you want your 2 million Instagram followers to see how extra you all are, then this is the list for you.  Alternatively, if you are a mere mortal like the rest of us, this is still a fun way to glimpse into how the other half live. Strap in, it’s about to get pricey up in here.


Go for a shopping spree

If you listed things Dubai was famous for, its malls would have to be in the top 5. If your crew has some spending money, then a simple afternoon just doing a bit of shopping might do the trick. If you spend 50,000aed in Dubai Mall (not that difficult I’m sure) then you can join its premier loyalty programme “The List”, if you haven’t already.  This means you get to enjoy the Dubai Mall lounge, where you can get "unparalleled panoramic views of the world-renowned Dubai Fountain and Burj Khalifa" as well as a selection of canapes and beverages. If you are struggling to spend that on your own, hire a personal stylist to spend the afternoon with the whole group and put together a brand-new wardrobe for all of you.

Photo of busy Dubai Mall - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Break the Bank Bride
Two people Skydving over the Palm Dubai - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Break the Bank bride

Throw yourself out of a plane

While this might not scream 'Luxury Hen', if you lot are adrenaline junkies then it’ll come as no surprise to you that these experiences often come with a bit of a price tag, as they should, what with all the risk - of - death and all. So, taking your full group down to Skydive Dubai is a fairly good way to blow through some of the budget.


Visit the most expensive restaurant near you

Let's start off small shall we? You know that place everyone always talks about that's booked out months in advance? Where the prices aren't advertised anywhere because "If you have to ask, you can’t afford it”? Well, get your gang a table in there. Organise it well in advance and maybe not mention that you are having a bachelorette party… that place probably doesn’t like that word and it can’t possibly know that you lot are a classy bunch who are perfectly capable of behaving. At least until the champagne starts flowing.  

Luxurious interior of a restaurant with chandeliers - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Break the Bank Bride
Woman carrying lots of shopping bags - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Break the Bank Bride

Go for a shopping spree

If you check out my Glam Bride category, you'll see a whole bunch of shopping-related games that you can play. However, in this category, instead of just trying on the stuff for the games, you can go ahead and buy it. Also, I imagine you'll be swapping Gap for Gucci in the designer department.

Bringing the Fun to You in Dubai

Use a chauffer service for the weekend

Dubai driving can be an … interesting experience. Avoid the stress of navigating SZR, or trying to call your Careem driver and figure out why he has inexplicably parked 2 streets away but says he’s here. Use a Chauffeur service like BlackLane and let someone do the driving (and stressing) for you. Arrive at your activities in style and comfort. What’s not to love?

Chauffeurs hand opening black car door - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Break the Bank Bride
Luxury Villa with lit pool and view over the beach in Dubai - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Break the Bank Bride

Rent Luxury Hen Accomodation

While I am sure that your B2B already lives in a beautiful property, it might be nice for her to get away somewhere new and private just for you guys, just for the weekend. These Luxury accommodation rentals are sure to do the trick.

Fill that accomodation with awesome furniture and decor

The beauty of renting out a space just for the weekend means that you get to decorate it to suit this exact event. Even better if you have gone with a theme. Now, party banners and balloons might be fine for the regular folk, but the Break the Bank Bride is usually a little ‘extra’. Therefore, you can go all out by hiring some of this stunning Event Furniture to really make the space come to life. Giant wire letters filled with balloons? A Vintage Caravan in the garden as a bar? Yes, please!

White table set up with peach, pink and gold balloons - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Break the Bank Bride

Bringing the Fun to You 

Photoshoot with a high-profile photographer

Getting a photoshoot done is not necessarily a Break the Bank experience. However, like many things on this list, it will depend on the photographer.  You will need to do a little research, but if you find a well-known, ideally award-winning portrait photographer in your area, then you will see the price tag start to increase.  Add on a portfolio with important names and it will skyrocket. An editorial/ fashion photographer could really bring a theme to life in a styled shoot. Don’t believe me? Check out some of these amazing Vogue themed group shots.  Just share your ideas beforehand and check if they are willing to come to you.

Woman striking a dynamic pose in front of red backdrop in a studio - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Break the Bank Bride
 Band playing live in an a loft type space - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Break the Bank Bride

Get a private concert from the B2B's favourite artist

Depending on who that artist is, and how much the ‘Break the Bank’ mantra really stretches, this could be a lovely gift for the B2B. I mean, if she wants Beyoncé to come to the house then I think you might be out of luck, no matter how much you have in the bank. However, get in touch with a few agents of artists she likes and see what can be done. Or better yet, get a concierge service to do that for you.

Staying In

Since this whole category is about spending money, there aren’t really any games I can put in here that would actually cost money. Instead, I will direct you to the Glam, Classy or OG bride categories where you can get inspiration.

‘Money makes the world go around’ Movie Night

However, everyone loves a movie night, even rich people*. Since our theme is ‘Break the Bank’, I have assembled some movies that are all about gettin’ that money! Whether that’s through criminal or legitimate avenues. As always, clicking the movie will open up corresponding drinking game rules.

*I mean, I don’t really know any…but I assume?

Wolf of Wall Street Poster - Bachelorette Party Activities for the Break the Bank Bride

Other Touches

The Classy Bride and Glam Bride categories also have lots of suggestions that would suit a Break the Bank Bride, but here’s some more anyway!

Food & Drink

If you are following my suggestions above, then you have already hired a chef/caterer/butler/ bartender and therefore don’t really have to worry much about the food and drink. However, just in case you didn’t, here are some suggestions.

For any luxury hen do, you’ve got the standard expensive foods you can make use of, things like caviar, oysters and lobster. Basically, most super fresh seafood will set you back a bit. This also applies to good, fresh sushi. Ideally, you can order in from a specialist catering company, to ensure that it has been prepared properly, as raw fish is a tricky one to work with. No-one wants food poisoning.


Chocolate fountain surrounded by fruit - Bachelorette Party Food and Drink for the Break the Bank Bride
Pink and Peach Balloon Arch with foliage - Bachelorette Party Decor for the Break the Bank Bride


I mentioned above about hiring in event furniture to really give your space some extra pizazz and achieve that luxury hen party vibe . Things like giant LED letters, dancefloors, pop-up bars and hell, even a temporary pole, really make the space come to life and should be rentable from any major events company in your area. 



    Buy or rent an old school photo booth or an interactive magic mirror, so you can get loads of fun photos of the crew throughout the weekend. 

    A large digital mirror saying "Touch here to start" set up against pink lights Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Break the Bank Bride

    Reminder: right now you are only seeing about 10% of all the amazing suggestions and resources on the site.

    The How to Hen Toolkit comes with the key to unlock the other 90%!

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