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Virtual Hen Parties

Want to throw something special for the Bride while staying safe?

Check out all the cool stuff we have for you.


From the overall theme, all the way down to what colour washi tape you can use to stick things in the scrapbook, there are ideas here to inspire every detail you could think of for the perfect, thoughtful Bachelorette party.


No matter your age, identity, gender, heritage, orientation or interests, I really hope you feel welcome here and that there’s an idea for your perfect Hen party. I am limited by my own privilege, so if there is anything you think can be improved then please get in touch.



The only kind of Hen party I don’t like is “One size fits all”. I passionately believe that your Bachelorette party should reflect YOU and who you are. This is why there’s such a huge range of ideas here. To help your bridesmaids craft something truly bespoke for you.


I might be based in Dubai, but the ‘General’ activities listed across the site apply to most major cities across the world. My food, drink, décor, playlist and extra suggestions are applicable worldwide, and my Fairy Hen Mother advice service and custom stationery are all digital and can be accessed wherever you are.

How It All Works

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Build Around a Theme



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